BrightSparks Scholarships and Courses 2021

Scholarships and Courses 2021

A comprehensive guide to BrightSparks Scholarship and Courses Providers
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GIC Private Limited Read Feature

GIC Full-Term Scholarship

Courses / Disciplines: Our scholarship provides you with the freedom to choose from a diverse range of courses including, but not limited to, Accountancy, Economics, Engineering, Sciences, Mathematics, and Liberal Arts
Universities / Institutions: Renowned local or overseas universities
Value & Benefits: • Return airfare (for overseas studies)
• Tuition and other related fees and allowances
• Sponsorship of a range of learning opportunities (including but not limited to): Exchange programme / Study abroad programme / Summer school / Finance-related seminars / Third language study (subject to approval)
• Sponsorship of Master's degree (subject to approval)
• Internship during second or penultimate year of undergraduate studies
Requirements: • Good academic results in GCE 'A' Level or equivalent examinations (including International Baccalaureate and NUS High diploma)
• Good co-curricular/ non-academic involvement
• Candidates with strong critical thinking, creativity, and leadership qualities
• Interest in Finance and Investing
• Students of all nationalities are welcome to apply

Applicable to Pre-Tertiary students who are about to embark on their undergraduate studies
Bond Duration: The bond duration is dependent on the location of study
3 years

4 years (Non-English speaking countries);
5 years (UK / US)