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Interested in all things train, engineering, technology and transport? The SGRail Industry Scholarship may just be your ticket to shaping the future of the rail industry.

Rolling Stock Engineers work with railway vehicles like locomotives and wagons, handling performance testing and train maintenance. They also study new technologies and innovations to develop smarter, safer trains that serve millions of commuters better.

The rail industry continually explores the “what if” to push the frontiers of technology and enhance the way people work, live and play. It constantly leverages emerging technologies to achieve smarter mobility and actively adopt new ideas such as deploying sensors and other real-time technology on the rail network, to derive useful commuting information, enhance maintenance efficiency and improve efficiency of services.

As Singapore continues to push the frontiers and leverage emerging technologies to achieve smarter mobility, the transformation of the industry hinges on the next generation of rail professionals. The SGRail Industry Scholarship aims to attract and retain talent to become future industry leaders.

Through its structured development programme, scholarship holders can expect to gain valuable work experience with the Land Transport Authority, SBS Transit Ltd and SMRT Trains Limited, and enjoy a diverse and dynamic career path as they hone deep rail operations and engineering domain knowledge.

Work hand-in-hand with like-minded individuals who are equally passionate about innovations in engineering and railway fields, and learn from highly-experienced specialist and technical experts in their fields. Visit for more information on the SGRail Industry Scholarship and make a positive impact on the lives of people.

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1. Systems Engineers manage the signalling, communications and control systems in our rail network. These systems direct rail traffic to ensure safe and smooth operation. They also make sure our driverless trains run according to schedule, providing commuters with reliable daily commutes.

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2. Permanent Way Engineers ensure the train tracks in our rail network are working well using condition monitoring technologies and data analytics. They constantly improve the reliability of our track components, as the rail industry expands and enhances our network to international standards.

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3. Power Engineers in our rail industry install, test and commission the power supply to the trains on our tracks. They oversee and safeguard the very thing that keeps all our trains running.