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Together, We can Empower Lives

Being in the social service is much more than a career, it is a life calling empowered by serving others.

Left: Jamie Dela Cruz holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours (Distinction) in Social Work, and currently is a Social Worker at Methodist Welfare Services (MWS) Family Service Centre in Yishun. She guides her clients to the appropriate community resources, and also does casework and counselling duties.

Right: Tay Zi Man provides therapy services to students with autism and other disabilities as an occupational therapist at Rainbow Centre. She is a Social Service Scholar and she holds a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) from University of Queensland, Australia.

A life without cause is a life without effect, so the saying goes. And the National Council for Social Services (NCSS) puts this into action.

As like-minded professionals who drive positive change. They come together as one Social Service Tribe, to empower those in need – so they may lead lives with dignity.

Jamie Dela Cruz, Social Worker at the Methodist Welfare Services (MWS) Family Service Centre in Yishun and Tay Zi Man, Occupational Therapist at Rainbow Centre, are Social Service Scholars. Their day-to-day work might differ, but they are alike in how social service has enriched their lives and others.

A Meaningful Career

Jamie realised what she wanted to do in life while working as an accounting intern, which she found unfulfilling.

“To me, a meaningful career is about building relationships,” she recalled. “I could not imagine myself building relationships in the finance industry!”

“This spurred me to join the social service sector.”

Jamie Dela Cruz

Jamie Dela Cruz

Serving Society

The Social Service Scholarship propelled Jamie even deeper into the fascinating work of empowering others. She outlined the unique benefits: “Being on the scholarship gave me opportunities to interact with professionals even before graduating.”

“I was also sent for overseas exchange programmes which broadened my perspective beyond our local landscape.”

“If you are able to envision yourself in the sector for the long haul, then take that leap of faith and go for it! The scholarship will be that additional booster in achieving your goal.” Jamie Dela Cruz

Today, she puts her learning to good use as a Social Worker at the MWS Family Service Centre, where she serves as an advocate for clients. In so doing, she empowers them through co-constructing solutions and helps them overcome challenges.

The work is fulfilling on multiple levels, not the least because of the clients themselves. “After a session, a client spoke about seeing a shift in her life through the course of our working relationship. When I pointed out how important she was as an individual, she cried and thanked me as nobody had ever affirmed her existence before,” Jamie recounted.

“I felt encouraged by the impact I made in her life and it reminded me of why I chose social work – to build and utilise our therapeutic relationships as a vehicle of change.”

With Open Arms

Jamie hopes that others will take the plunge as she did.

She advised: “If you are able to envision yourself in the sector for the long haul, then take that leap of faith and go for it! The scholarship will be that additional booster in achieving your goal.”

Enriching Lives

Tay Zi Man 1

Zi Man is on Occupational Therapist at Rainbow Centre. Her role mainly focuses on providing therapy services to students with autism or multiple disabilities, aged 7 to 14 years old, which can include working with students on their handwriting or self-care tasks such as toothbrushing and buttoning shirts.

Tay Zi Man 2

She is part of a closely-knitted community at Rainbow Centre, where everyone supports each other's growth and well-being. While at work, she has many opportunities to apply the theories and applications that were being taught in university into practice. Zi Man holds a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, with Honours.

Tay Zi Man 3

“I wanted to reach out to people who have been stigmatised by the society and require services they need to build a better life for themselves and their families. I made the decision to join social service, with the purpose of being there for those who need it.”


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