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MOH Holdings

Opportunities in the Community Care Sector

We are all looking for that calling – the one thing that we were born to do. Perhaps it was in you all along – the care that you have within. If you aspire to make caring your calling, the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) invites you to apply for the Community Care Manpower Development Awards (CCMDA) or one of two Community Care scholarships available.

The CCMDA is a study sponsorship for students who are keen to pursue a Nursing or Allied Health career within the fast-growing Community Care sector. Upon completion of their studies, CCMDA recipients can look forward to a rewarding career that comes with diverse opportunities for professional and personal growth at a Community Care organisation.

AIC also partners MOH Holdings to groom future leaders within the Community Care sector through the award of the Community Care Scholarship and Community Nursing Scholarship.

If you're passionate about making a difference in the lives of seniors and the community, join us today! Because in community care, it's not about how gifted you are or the talents you have, it's your heart that counts. Learn more at

Brown University | Photo by Inning Club from Flickr.

Sole President's Scholar to study Linguistics at Brown University

This year, President's Scholar Alyssa Marie Loo Li Ann is headed to Brown University in the United States in January to read linguistics. She is interested in exploring topics such as having Singlish as a cultural icon and the effects of a bilingual policy.

NHG Scholar - Healthcare Merit Award

Bringing Rays of Hope to the Community

Pandemic or not, rain or shine, Teng Kai Qi remains committed to help meet the healthcare needs of the community.

As a radiographer with National Healthcare Group Diagnostics, Kai Qi's main role is to take X-rays for patients who visit the polyclinic. “X-ray services remain essential even during the COVID-19 pandemic because patients who have had a fall or are experiencing pain or discomfort require X-rays to help diagnose their condition,” she said.

Kai Qi, a recipient of the Healthcare Merit Award, graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Radiography from the Singapore Institute of Technology.

“I became interested in the field of allied health after I was introduced to it by my polytechnic lecturer. My exposure to diagnostic tools such as X-rays and ultrasound in a prior polytechnic course made me realise that diagnostic radiography is an essential part of healthcare and is crucial in the diagnosis of a patient's condition,” she recalled.

Kai Qi shared that her most memorable moment as a radiographer was when an elderly patient came for a lumbosacral spine X-ray by himself. “Although he was in a lot of pain, he constantly thanked us and expressed his gratitude. Before he left, he even teared a little and held on to our hands, emphasising that he was very appreciative of our kindness and service. It made me realise that despite the short interaction we may have with patients, we can still make a difference in their experience and recovery.”

For those who want to follow her career footsteps, she advises, “The journey to be an allied health professional can be tough, tiring and may seem unrewarding at times. However, keep striving and the effort will be worth it in the end!”

Community Care Scholarship

Community Care Scholarship

The Community Care Scholarship is a newly launched scholarship for individuals with a passion to lead and make a difference in community care. Courses of study include Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Social Work. Apply for this scholarship and enjoy benefits such as tuition fees coverage, monthly allowances, sponsorship for developmental programmes, etc. Find out more at

The University of Western Australia

New Innovative, Industry-relevant Courses

The University of Western Australia (UWA) is expanding its range of internationally recognised bachelor's degrees to meet growing demand for skills that address today's shifting economic, social and technological landscapes. Students will have more options and more opportunities to specialise in their areas of interest, gaining a deeper level of understanding within their chosen field.

UWA is also offering an accelerated pathway to a master's degree through the new Combined Bachelor's and Master's degrees (CBMs). These pathways require an intensive focus, and allow you to complete a double major and a semester of more advanced study in three years. You'll then take on a final year at postgraduate level. On completion of the four-year degree, you'll receive both a bachelor's and master's degree; or you can also choose to exit the CBM after three years with an advanced bachelor's degree in the double major study area.

Discover UWA's new courses such as the Bachelor of Advanced Computer Science and Bachelor of Automation and Robotics, our new majors in Artificial Intelligence, International Cybersecurity, Global Business, and Enterprise and Innovation, and our Combined Bachelor's and Master's degrees at