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Getting Smart with Our Future

Smart Nation is the national effort of Singaporeans, businesses and government to support better living using technology – and our Smart Nation Scholars get to be at the forefront of it.
Smart Nation Scholarship

Left: Joshua Chin Heng Yi is a Smart Nation Scholar with Government Technology Agency. He commences a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science at University of Cambridge in 2021.

Middle: Chu Wei Hao is currently undertaking a course leading to a Bachelor of Science (Information Systems) at Singapore Management University under the Smart Nation Scholarship (Infocomm Media Development Authority).

Right: Leong Jun Wen is a Cyber Security Agency of Singapore Smart Nation Scholar in his third year at National University of Singapore. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor in Data Science and Analytics.

Evident by what we have seen during the pandemic, digital transformation is underway and will persist. The advent of products and services, backed by digital technology, has transformed the way we live, work and play. From a broader perspective, the drive to become a Smart Nation would give rise to significant economic impact, supporting Singapore's growth and competitiveness.

Singapore's Smart Nation goals are fulfilled via various pillars and initiatives, one of which is to nurture promising individuals who are driven, disciplined and passionate about creating Singapore's future with technology.

The Smart Nation Scholarship that is jointly offered by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA), Government Technology Agency (GovTech), and Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) was established in 2018 to achieve exactly that.

Leong Jun Wen, Joshua Chin Heng Yi and Chu Wei Hao were inspired to take up a career in technology with the public service. At the nexus of future-focused development, they told us about the next steps of our Smart Nation.

Joshua Chin Heng Yi

Joshua Chin Heng Yi

Out of all the scholarships available, why did you each decide on Smart Nation?

Joshua: I believe being a Smart Nation Scholar would allow me to give back to society by being directly involved in the transformation of Singapore into a Smart Nation. After all, working in the technology domain is fundamentally about solving problems that people face and improving their lives.

Wei Hao: The Smart Nation Scholarship exemplifies Singapore's commitment to transform itself into a world-class city powered by digital innovations and a digital economy. Apart from providing a well-crafted career plan, the scholarship offers technical capabilities and prepare us to be future leaders of technology.

Jun Wen: Technology will become increasingly more relevant and critical to Singapore's future. Cybersecurity will grow in importance as the use of digital technology continues to expose us to cyber threats. The Smart Nation Scholarship was a clear choice for me, as it would allow me to pursue my passion in cybersecurity and data science and at the same time, contribute to building a safer cyberspace for Singapore.

“The Smart Nation Scholarship puts you right at the centre of exciting developments and challenges, giving you a chance to contribute to and shape Singapore's success as a Smart Nation.” Joshua Chin Heng Yi

Why did you choose to join your respective organsations?

Joshua: GovTech is like a big technology company with many departments working on different technologies. Being a scholar with GovTech would allow me to gain exposure to various fields through internships while I am still studying, before deciding the domain to start my career in. With their emphasis on continuous learning and upskilling, I will continue to learn new areas of technology through job rotations, mentorships and training courses.

Jun Wen: I am inspired by CSA's mission to protect Singapore from cyber threats and also excited by the training that CSA offers to groom officers into all-rounded cybersecurity professionals. CSA offers a Cybersecurity Development Programme which will enable me to hone both my technical and soft skills. As part of the programme, I will be attached to CSA's technical and operations divisions to acquire hands-on experience in a range of areas such as penetration testing, digital forensics, threat intelligence and cybersecurity incident response.

Wei Hao: IMDA's mission is to shape Singapore into a digital metropolis through an extensive range of initiatives implemented at scale, locally and internationally. I am looking forward to being at the forefront of these as a Digital Change Maker to architect the Next Digital Future.

“The Smart Nation Scholarship exemplifies Singapore's commitment to transform itself into a world-class city powered by digital innovations and a digital economy.” Chu Wei Hao

Chu Wei Hao

Chu Wei Hao

What are some of the exciting opportunities you are looking forward to upon graduation?

Jun Wen: I am looking to develop the necessary technical skillsets through CSA's Cybersecurity Development Programme. Equipped with the relevant skills and training, I would like to contribute to policymaking that could help further strengthen Singapore's cyberspace. As I enjoy working with technology, I also look forward to working on projects to secure Singapore's infrastructure against cyber attacks.

Joshua: I hope to be able to contribute to the Smart Nation digitalisation drive, be it through the building of software and applications, or ensuring that Government products and services remain safe from cyberattacks and security breaches.

As engineers in GovTech, it is crucial for us to gain mastery in our domains and continuously seek knowledge in others. One of the programmes supporting this goal is the Technology Associate Programme (TAP) which I will be part of upon my graduation. All of us in TAP will be able to dive deep in the chosen tech domain and pick up professional skills as we prepare ourselves as tomorrow's tech leaders. GovTechies also have attachment opportunities with other public agencies as well as in the private sector.

Wei Hao: I am looking forward to join the newly formed Technology Development Group at IMDA, which consists of Engineering units that research and develop applications and prototypes in collaboration with the industry on frontier technologies, such as AI, communications technologies like 5G, and trust-related tech like Blockchain.

Leong Jun Wen

Leong Jun Wen

Lastly, in your words, why should someone apply for the Smart Nation Scholarship?

Wei Hao: The Smart Nation Scholarship prepares the next generation of technology leaders to take on strategic nation-wide projects that will shape the daily lives of people living in Singapore. Successful applicants will be groomed with a personalised career plan and be mentored by industry experts. If you have a passion for infocomm technology and wish to apply your skills for the public good, the Smart Nation Scholarship is the best choice.

“As someone who enjoys a continuous process of learning, I am positive that I will find my journey at CSA personally fulfilling.” Leong Jun Wen

Jun Wen: : The Smart Nation Scholarship is an opportunity to make an impact on Singaporeans' lives. You get to be at the forefront of Singapore's digitalisation efforts and contribute to building a safer cyberspace for Singapore.

Joshua: The Smart Nation Scholarship puts you right at the centre of exciting developments and challenges, giving you a chance to contribute to and shape Singapore's success as a Smart Nation. With new technologies and new use cases constantly emerging, a career in this industry will never become dull or repetitive.