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Moving Forward with LTA

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) ensures every commuter experiences a safe, sustainable and enjoyable journey wherever they go. And for LTA Scholars, their destination is a future with this dynamic organisation.

Left: Jonathan Lee, LTA Overseas Undergraduate Scholar, is a Senior Engineer in the Vehicle Technology and Standards Division of LTA.
Right: Daryl Chee is a Project Engineer in the Integrated Control System Division of LTA.

A Self-Driven Scholar for Self-Driving Cars

Jonathan Lee 1

Jonathan Lee, LTA Overseas Undergraduate Scholar, is a Senior Engineer in the Vehicle and Standards Technology Division of LTA. He develops regulations for Autonomous Vehicles (AVs), governing their safety on public roads and ensuring accident-free deployment.

Jonathan Lee 2

“The AV industry is a rapidly growing and evolving industry, hence work on AVs is fast-paced and we interact with many different stakeholders from AV developers, to research institutes, and even regulators from all over the world. We have a clear vision on how AVs can benefit our transportation ecosystem and emphasise safety as a key focus of all our work.” – Jonathan

Jonathan Lee 3

Jonathan has a Master of Engineering and Bachelor of Arts from University of Cambridge, UK (Clare College). Alongside the beautiful backdrops and temperate seasons, he learnt how to live independently in a foreign country, think independently and build up confidence as a young adult to navigate situations at school and in his personal life.

“The career opportunities at LTA are hugely diverse, spanning engineering domains as diverse as vehicles, railway, roads, construction and IT systems. If you are interested in something other than engineering, there are also many opportunities in policy work, or planning for the future of our transportation network, or regulating our public transport operations.” Jonathan Lee

Railing to Succeed

Daryl Chee Part 1

Daryl Chee is a Project Engineer in the Integrated Control System Division of LTA. He implements the Integrated Supervisory Control System (ISCS) and performs associated Addition and Alteration Works to existing stations. A typical work day could consist of in-depth site inspections or reviewing design documents for the upcoming Jurong Region Line. As there are hundreds of documents to go through, Daryl and his team need to be meticulous, self-disciplined and well-versed in engineering calculations.

Daryl Chee Part 2

Daryl was confident in his ability to study when he began his Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering) at National University of Singapore. However, he soon learnt differently. “Being one of the top students during my Polytechnic days, I thought University would be a breeze. However, that was not the case at all as I was getting average grades and had to put in a lot of hard work in order to do well. I learned that it wasn't always about getting excellent results, but what matters is having the right attitude to persevere and keep trying.”

Daryl Chee Part 3

“In LTA, we're not afraid to take on responsibilities and make mistakes. Teams also have a mix of senior and junior engineers so that we learn from one another. I benefitted a lot from my bosses as they shared previous experiences and technical specifications with me. On the other hand, the bosses are always open to new ideas that the junior engineers may have learnt from school to help improve the way we manage or run the projects. This is an environment that encourages the open sharing of ideas which fosters innovation.” – Daryl

“If you are someone who is passionate about serving the public, LTA is a good place to start because everyone uses the roads and railways one way or another. It is a tangible kind of impact that can be seen and felt.” Daryl Chee