Course Table 2019
Course Table 2019

Course Table 2019

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National University of Singapore
Faculty of Science Department of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy)

Programme Overview: The National University of Singapore provides a four-year course in Pharmacy. Upon completion of the course, graduates are conferred the degree of B.Sc. (Pharmacy), while those who have demonstrated good academic performance over the 4 years will be awarded the B.Sc. (Pharmacy) Hons degree.

Graduates are required to complete a mandatory pre-registration training before they can be registered with the Singapore Pharmacy Board. The course in Pharmacy is aimed at providing a broad-based education to equip graduates for employment in any area of Pharmacy practice in Singapore and at the same time imparting the following qualities to the graduates:
• A sound foundation in scientific knowledge
• A high level of core competencies in pharmacy practice
• Professional ethics and work attitudes
• Generic skills in life-long employability such as critical thinking, problem solving ability, independent learning, teamwork, good communication skills, and leadership quality.
Admission Requirements: Very good passes in Chemistry (H2) and in either Biology (H2), Physics (H2), Mathematics (H2) or Further Mathematics (H2) taken at the GCE ‘A’ Level Examinations or equivalent examinations.

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Study Period: 4 years
Career Opportunities: Career opportunities for pharmacists are abundant and diversified. Depending on your interests and ability, you may develop your career in Pharmacy as a:
• Academic Pharmacist
• Clinical Research Pharmacist
• Community Pharmacist
• Critical Care Pharmacist
• Drug Information Pharmacist
• Home Care Pharmacist
• Hospital Pharmacist
• Industrial Pharmacist
• Infectious Disease Pharmacist
• Nuclear Pharmacist
• Nutrition Support Pharmacist
• Oncology Pharmacist
• Paediatric Pharmacist
• Regulatory Pharmacist

Bachelor of Science (Pharmaceutical Science)

Programme Overview: Pharmaceutical Science belongs to a branch of science that comprises a range of scientific subjects that deal with various aspects of pharmaceutical substances that are used to manufacture the medicinal products.

Therefore, Pharmaceutical Science forms the foundational scientific basis of the physical, chemical, biological, and the biomedical aspects of drug properties and actions. Some examples of subjects that are classified under Pharmaceutical Science include Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Pharmacoeconomics, and Pharmacogenetics.

Advancements achieved in Pharmaceutical Science will impact drug discovery, drug formulation, as well as the regulation and practice of Pharmacy.
Admission Requirements: Subject prerequisites for applicants holding: 1. Singapore-Cambridge GCE-A Level:
• A very good pass in H2 Chemistry
• A very good pass in either H2 Biology, H2 Physics or H2 Mathematics.

2. International Baccalaureate:
• A very good pass in HL Chemistry
• A very good pass in either HL Biology, HL Physics or HL Mathematics.

3. National University of Singapore High School Diploma:
• A very good pass in Chemistry and in either Biology, Physics or Mathematics.

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Application Period & Cost: Application period, please refer to:

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Study Period: 4 years
Career Opportunities: This comprehensive programme will equip you with a broad range of technical knowledge and skills across the pharmaceutical sciences.

You will have excellent career prospects in areas as diverse as research and development, manufacturing, sales and marketing, regulatory affairs, quality management, and clinical trial management. Depending on your interests, you may also find employment in areas outside the pharmaceutical industry such as biotechnology, consumer healthcare, patenting and licensing, medical writing or be the next generation of healthcare entrepreneurs.