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Two graduates from the Kaplan Higher Education Academy share how pursuing their degrees gave them the skills and knowledge needed to take their careers to new levels.

In Singapore, Kaplan has continually demonstrated its dedication towards being a lifelong integrated learning partner, where individuals can pursue academic qualifications and skills development training to stay industry-relevant.

For individuals interested in pursuing higher learning, you can consider Murdoch University, one of the global universities partnering with Kaplan – ranked one of the World’s Top 100 Universities under 50 years old according to Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2018.

Eustacia Tang

Eustacia Tang 
Periodic Review Officer
Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems and Computer Science (Double Major) – Murdoch University

At Murdoch University, students can choose from over 250 Double Majors across different specialisations. To ensure that a high standard of academic delivery is maintained, the university’s Dean is based in Singapore and oversees the academic aspects of the programmes here.

To find out more about why students choose to further their studies with Murdoch University at Kaplan and how the education they received has empowered them to excel, we speak to Goh Si Xing, 25, and Eustacia Tang, 32, graduates of Murdoch University with Double Major degrees.

What was your motivation to pursue your degree with Kaplan?

Si Xing: After graduating from polytechnic, I decided to work in the banking industry, and found a job as a teller with a local bank. I had a few colleagues who were studying part-time with Murdoch University. They shared with me the modules they studied, and how the knowledge helped with their daily jobs. Very importantly, they also confided that Murdoch degrees are recognised by the companies they interviewed at. Their sharing motivated me to start doing research on various educational institutions. Most of them only offer single major degrees, whereas Murdoch University offers degrees with Double Majors. I was interested in accounting, so I enrolled for the Bachelor in Commerce with a Double Major in Accounting and Banking which allowed me to pursue both my personal and professional interests.

“The dedicated lecturers helped me to progress well throughout the programme, giving me further assistance and guidance even after their usual classes.” Eustacia

Eustacia: As a former homemaker returning to the workforce, I had very few job opportunities. Even with more than six years of prior working experience, most employers were less inclined to employ someone who had left the workforce for a few years. I also had a hard time getting jobs because most required the minimum qualification of a Bachelor’s Degree. I eventually found a job in project management, but it required me to do some programming, and I was rusty from the lack of practice. I realised I had to get a degree to improve my future career prospects. I chose Murdoch University since it is a recognised tertiary institution, and travelling to the Kaplan campus after work was convenient.

How did your degree help you meet your career goals?

Si Xing: The part-time programme with Murdoch University allowed me to plan my lesson schedule so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed by both work and studies. Moreover, I had sufficient time to prepare for lessons after work. After completing my degree, I was promoted to Senior Operations Officer and given more responsibilities. This included the handling of commercial banking customers and performing a checker’s role for day-to-day banking operations. Thereafter, I was promoted again and offered a position as an Operations Officer at an international bank.

Goh Si Xing

Goh Si Xing 
Operation Officer
Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Banking (Double Major) – Murdoch University

Eustacia: I wasn’t a good student in my polytechnic days. However, while studying for my Murdoch degree, I realised that I had a driving force to explore and learn new things. The dedicated lecturers helped me to progress well throughout the programme, giving me further assistance and guidance even after their usual classes. Because of the skills and knowledge I gained, I was offered a job at a reputable bank as a Periodic Review Officer.

How has your degree given you a head start at work?

Si Xing: Through my degree, I gained insights on finance and investment products, which enabled me to suggest appropriate products to customers. The Auditing module showed me what to look for when conducting an audit, how to check for breaches in work procedures, and to be more cautious when doing documentation. I learned the importance of following procedures and handling risks. In addition, because of the Commercial Banking module, I can better understand the risks that the bank faces as well as manage risks when analysing the loan portfolio of our commercial customers. I recommend Murdoch to anyone looking to increase their job knowledge and who are keen to enhance their performance at work.

"I recommend Murdoch to anyone looking to increase their job knowledge and who are keen to enhance their performance at work.” Si Xing

Eustacia: Even before I graduated in March 2018, the modules for my degree benefitted me in a professional capacity. The Business Intelligence module taught me how to visualise data so I could present useful information in a format that was simple and easily understood. Another module reintroduced me to Java programming so I could pick up and polish my coding skills, which was essential to my job. As a Periodic Review Officer, I can use my knowledge not only to perform regular reviews on clients’ accounts, but also to programme useful applications that help my team work more efficiently.