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Benefits Of A Mid-Term Scholarship

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Perhaps you applied for a scholarship after receiving your ‘A’ Level results but the application was rendered unsuccessful. Or perhaps you were unsure of your career path as an 18-year-old and put off a scholarship application altogether. Now that you are in university, you are given a second chance to portray your scholarship interest, being also in a better position to make a wiser career decision.

This is where mid-term scholarships come in. Having benefitted your seniors in various ways, mid-term scholarships might even seem to you a more favourable prospect than full-term ones. Here’s why.

1. Ability to Match Interests with Future Career

After at least one semester in university, your exposure to course modules would have affirmed your interest in a field or even corrected some of your perceptions. Regardless, you would have acquired a better understanding of where you want your career to take you.

With clearer direction, you’d be able to apply for a scholarship without second thoughts and communicate a more compelling reason for scholarship providers to shortlist you.

2. Guaranteed Job Placement

This is a key factor drawing students to scholarships – whether full-term or mid-term. It is indeed assuring to know that you’d be filling a job position after graduation, as opposed to filling in job application forms. While your course mates scramble to apply for jobs during the last stretch of university, you would have already secured a position. Some scholarship providers would also start to groom you early and put you through developmental programmes during the interim.

3. Ability to Chase Personal Pursuits

Mid-term scholarships are typically tied to a two- to three-year bond, half the period entailing that of a full-term scholarship. This difference in bond period can be essential to your personal pursuits. As a mid-term scholar, you could use the two to three years “saved” to take up volunteering stints, pick up a new language, enrol into a short course, or go on holiday.

4. Less Risk

No matter how much career profiling you’ve done and how many people you talk to, you will never fully understand a job function until you are doing it yourself. Sometimes you realise your interest in a role wanes after delving into it for a year, and you may feel your interests finding a place somewhere else. If—God forbid—you find yourself encountering this, your risk of feeling uninspired by the long bond period will be minimised with a mid-term scholarship, where the bond period is shorter.

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