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Power To The People

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As one of the world’s leading energy, water and marine group, Sembcorp Industries Ltd promises a fulfilling career with plenty of room for growth.

Sustainability is a key consideration for the future of any forward-thinking economy. It involves pertinent issues around energy and how to provide and consume it to meet present needs without compromising on those of future generations. With an energy portfolio of over 12,000 megawatts and more than 7,000 employees across five continents, Sembcorp Industries Ltd is an industry leader when it comes to creating a sustainable future.

Gertie Ma

A liberal arts degree abroad has allowed Gertie’s passion to flourish.

Gertie Ma 
SgIS Scholarship with Sembcorp
Studying Scholar
Bachelor of Arts,
Major in Urban Studies – Yale-NUS College

Conferred the Sustainability Award in 2017 and named one of Asia’s Top Green Companies at the Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards, the company has always taken pride in delivering value and growth to stakeholders, industries, and communities by providing innovative solutions while managing the impact on the environment.

Sembcorp’s commitment to being an agent of transformation also extends to the staff and personnel working for them, with one of their core values being to establish a connection by valuing everyone and supporting the individual’s passions. This factor, along with the company’s ambitions in the energy and utilities value chain, are major push factors for scholars Gertie Ma, 22, and Jayden Chew, 26. They share more about their opportunity-laden journey and how their time at Sembcorp gives them meaning.

A Strong Presence With Impact

Sembcorp’s proven track record as an integrated energy player in both developing and developed markets, coupled with a passion for improving the lives of others, made Gertie and Jayden choose their respective scholarships with Sembcorp. A visit to the Suzhou Industrial Park—one of Sembcorp’s developments—and the positive changes it brought to the immediate area impressed Gertie so much that it inspired her to want to work in the dynamic and responsive private sector with Sembcorp.

“I became more interested in how industrialisation and urbanisation can help people secure better livelihoods and improve their quality of living, and Sembcorp’s expertise in this field really aligned with my interest,” she shares. “Furthermore, given Sembcorp’s reputation as an established company with global operations, I would be able to learn a lot from working here, and feel fulfilled from contributing to projects with far-reaching impact.”

“Sembcorp was very accepting of my passions and had faith in my academic decisions.” Gertie Ma

For Jayden, who serves as a legal counsel under Sembcorp Utilities and is responsible for the contract management of all related matters in relation to the existing and future potential Singapore utilities business; the company’s global nature and extensive portfolio of business products meant he didn’t need to think twice before starting his career path with Sembcorp. “As a global business, Sembcorp has a strong presence in many countries in the energy business with a focus on sustainability and assistance in developing cities and countries. I see the benefits of Sembcorp’s business and it is a dream to be part of such a business,” says Jayden.

Jayden Chew

Jayden was drawn to Sembcorp’s proven track record as an integrated energy player in both developing and developed markets.

Jayden Chew 
Sembcorp Scholarship
Legal Counsel
Bachelors of Law – National University of Singapore

Nurturing Global Citizens

Sembcorp’s international operations and business model centred around sustainability mean that aligning operations with global best practice and internationally acknowledged standards is an utmost priority, and it all begins with training a team with global perspectives. The scholarships provided for Gertie and Jayden presented both personal and professional development opportunities that benefitted them greatly. For Gertie, the support that Sembcorp gave was allowing her to follow her passion in liberal arts.

“I am very grateful for the support that Sembcorp has given to me to do a liberal arts degree in Yale-NUS College. I have always been passionate about learning from many different but interrelated fields, and was hence very keen on doing a liberal arts degree. Sembcorp was very accepting of my passions and had faith in my academic decisions, without which I would not have been able to pursue such an interdisciplinary degree with such confidence,” she explains.

“Sembcorp also encourages both my academic and non-academic pursuits, and enabled me to attend a summer programme on architectural design-build in Berlin, Germany. I had a wonderful month there working with other students to design and construct new facilities for a primary school on an island.”

“I see the benefits of Sembcorp’s business and it is a dream to be part of such a business.” Jayden

Jayden concurs, having experienced first-hand their strong focus in providing training and learning opportunities to staff to ensure competency and career development. “The scholarship allowed me to travel overseas for a student exchange programme in the United Kingdom, which proved to be an enriching experience as I managed to live independently in a foreign country and culture,” he adds. “I was also able to go for an internship with Sembcorp during my summer holidays and that experience allowed me to apply practically what I learnt in university into the working world.”