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Beyond Classrooms And Textbooks

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The applied learning curriculum at Singapore Institute of Technology provides the ideal platform for two scholars to thrive in their industries.

As a university of applied learning, innovation, integration, and impact are the buzzwords you would use to describe the approach implemented at Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). Since its establishment in 2009, the school has remained unwavering in delivering holistic, authentic, and practice-oriented learning experiences for their students, standing them in good stead to become thinkers, makers, and catalysts that make a difference to society.

At SIT, there is no room for passive learning. Beyond just knowing, students are encouraged to create knowledge and apply it to the ever-changing demands in the real world. This is exemplified in the SIT DNA—key traits students should embody—which includes being thinking tinkerers, catalysts for transformation, grounded in the community, and able to learn, unlearn, and relearn.

Natalyn Guam

Natalyn Guam 
SIT Scholarship
BEng (Hons) Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Building Services)
– Singapore Institute of Technology

Through these values, SIT scholars like third-year students Natalyn Guam, 24, and Yazhini Elango, 22, can step into society armed with not just paper qualifications, but skills that make them assets to their respective industries. We talk to both of them as they share about the benefits of their scholarship and how SIT has helped them grow.

What made you apply for the SIT Scholarship?

Natalyn: I applied for the SIT Scholarship because having a university degree would be the final leg of my education. As I’ve scored pretty well, I decided to try my luck and apply for the scholarship. One thing I really want in life is to make my parents proud of what I have achieved in my final years of study. I also felt that the SIT Scholarship would provide me with more opportunities to improve my skillsets.

Yazhini: Having witnessed the support system at SIT, the bond between the faculty and the students, as well as how industry-focused the curriculum is, I was drawn to how the school invests and genuinely cares about each student’s success. Thus, I decided to apply for the SIT Scholarship knowing that this scholarship goes beyond the financial support; it is the university’s investment and trust in one’s ability and character as a person to excel both academically and non-academically. I believe this is something different from other scholarships.

Any advice or tips for those looking to apply for this scholarship?

Natalyn: Being a scholar is not only about getting your As and first-class honours, but having the ability to learn, listen, and think in any situation. Your passion in the scholarship or even your degree and university is what will bring you far.

Yazhini: SIT has strong roots in training students to be industry-ready and adaptable to take on any challenges. As such, it is equally important to showcase both your academic and non-academic achievements. Let your character and interest in your degree programme shine through your application statement. If you are looking for an enriching and fulfilling university experience, SIT and this scholarship is the right fit for you.

“SIT has planned many activities for the SIT Scholars to develop leadership skills which will be useful in the future when we go out to the industry.” Natalyn

Being a third year student, describe how your SIT experience has been like.

Yazhini: Since Year 1, I have been living by SIT Student Life’s tagline of ‘Your university life is yours to create’. I love how the school culture is vibrant with various CCAs, events, and value-added programmes available to express ourselves. Through these initiatives, I managed to pick up Korean, Japanese, and conversational Chinese language, along with kickboxing. Moreover, the community at SIT feels like one big family; everyone is willing to go one step further and help one another. Looking back, my time at SIT has definitely been enriching and exciting.

Yazhini Elango

Yazhini Elango  
SIT Scholarship
BEng (Hons) Pharmaceutical Engineering – Singapore Institute of Technology

Being the incumbent president of the Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering Student Management Committee, what skills or qualities have you picked up?

Natalyn: Being the President of the committee has definitely been a highlight. With this role, I have spearheaded several bonding events to bring the student body together. In addition, I had the opportunity to attend club management workshops and overseas leadership camp to improve my leadership and interpersonal skills. I’m glad to have gained the respect of most of my course mates and to be the voice of SIE.

“SIT offers students a fast-paced yet creative and hands-on environment to learn.” Yazhini

How does SIT help to nurture the traits of SIT Scholars, namely the passion to serve community, leadership, curiosity, and willingness to learn?

Natalyn: SIT has planned many activities for the SIT Scholars to develop leadership skills which will be useful in the future when we go out to the industry. Some of them include the SIT Scholar’s Camp and workshops which enhance our leadership and thinking skills. SIT has definitely nurtured its students well and made all of us feel more bonded and committed to serve SIT in the future.

Yazhini: Regardless of the degree programme you are in, as part of the curriculum, SIT offers students a fast-paced yet creative and hands-on environment to learn. Such an environment is naturally bound to make one feel excited and curious about learning. In addition, the plethora of CCAs and service learning initiatives are a great avenue for one to not only step out of your comfort zone but also to become leaders and give back to the society.