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To Care And To Cure

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With the health and well-being of patients on the line, Raffles Medical Group is constantly ensuring that the company’s values and culture remain in the pink of health.

Since its establishment in 1976 as a two-clinic practice comprising of Raffles Medical and Raffles Hospital, Raffles Medical Group Ltd has since expanded to become one of Singapore’s largest private integrated healthcare providers, with over 50 local medical clinics as well as facilities across 13 cities in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Japan. Through their comprehensive network of medical and dental facilities, they have sought to uphold high standards in healthcare and patient services.

With an eye on being the trusted partner for health, Raffles Medical Group’s mission is to enhance health and well-being by providing the best total healthcare, and this continuum of care extends to both local and overseas patients, with Raffles Hospital receiving international patients from more than 100 countries.

Koh Kah Yong

Koh Kah Yong 
Raffles Medical Group Scholarship
Undergraduate, Occupational Therapy (SIT)
Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy (Honours)

The Group is constantly seeking and nurturing outstanding individuals that have the passion in delivering medical and service excellence. In Singapore, it is an uncommon sight for healthcare professions to start their career in the private sector, but it is noteworthy that scholarships at Raffles Medical Group are extremely sought after. Two of these individuals, Pamela Tan, 24, and Koh Kah Yong, 26, take time to share with us their experiences with Raffles Medical Group and how their scholarships have greatly added value to their respective roles and career prospects.

A Career Founded On Trust

Trust is an important aspect of Kah Yong’s line of work, who is currently a year 2 undergraduate attached to Raffles Rehabilitation Centre as an Occupational Therapist. Through his internship, he discovered the value of customer service as a soft skill that one is unable to pick up in school. “As an Occupational Therapist, I am always facing my patients and their families, and it is important to ensure that they are happy with my service. I feel lucky to be learning this from Raffles Medical Group as they pride themselves highly on customer service,” shares Kah Yong.

As a staff nurse, Pamela is part of a dedicated healthcare team which provides professional and quality nursing care and services to meet the needs of patients and their families. Her journey into the nursing profession was sparked by a passion that grew when a nurse caught her in time and prevented her from falling off her wheelchair; a moment which convinced her that she too wanted to make a difference by establishing trust. “At that moment, I understood that my nurse knew my condition better than I did, and my trust for her grew. As I grew up, I too wanted to dedicate my life to the care of others, and this incident was a contributing reason that inspired my passion for nursing,” Pamela recalls.

“I feel lucky to be learning this from Raffles Medical Group as they pride themselves highly on customer service.” Kah Yong

An Inclusive Healthcare Family

At the Group, there is also an emphasis on providing team-based care, where skills, knowledge, and experiences are shared among healthcare professionals within the Raffles Medical family to ensure that patients benefit from a holistic and thorough range of services. Teamwork and having each other’s back are very much part of their culture – qualities that Pamela and Kay Yong both appreciate and benefit from. “At Raffles Medical Group, it feels like everybody knows each other. It’s a close-knit company and I think the culture is best embodied by our chairman, Dr Loo, who is a serious worker but also a very personal man with a great sense of humour and interesting speeches,” sums up Kah Yong.

Being in nursing, where each nurse plays a significant role which contributes to providing effective healthcare, Pamela is glad to be a part of an inclusive healthcare family where the different departments collaborate closely with each other to give the best care to patients.

Pamela Tan

Pamela Tan  
Raffles Medical Group Scholarship
Staff Nurse
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Honours)

“There was an incident where one of my patients had to be transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Upon reaching the ICU, she deteriorated drastically and had to be intubated immediately. As the ICU nurse was busy stabilising the patient, I stayed in the ICU to assist her as we were unable to hand over the case at that point in time,” she recounts. “At the same time, I was worried about my duties and my patients from the other ward. When I finally went back to the ward, I found out that my team had helped with my duties and took care of my patients while I was away. I was very touched by my colleagues’ actions.”

Growth Through Mentorship

A sound scholarship should offer both opportunities and support, and in the Raffles Medical Group Undergraduate Scholarship, both attributes feature prominently. “I was assigned a mentor, who is a registered nurse in Raffles Medical Group. She guided and supported me whenever I had difficulties during the school term or clinical attachments,” shares Pamela. “On top of that, she also provided me with valuable advice that has guided me in my studies and throughout my career.”

A sound scholarship should offer both opportunities and support, and in the Raffles Medical Group Undergraduate Scholarship, both attributes feature prominently.

Besides enjoying the mentorship programme, Kah Yong’s Raffles Medical Group experience is further enhanced by the Group’s openness to personal development. “Raffles Medical Group is always supportive whenever I seek out internships during my term breaks. Through these internship opportunities, I have learned much, and I feel that I am now better equipped for my work as an occupational therapist when I graduate.”