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Spaces For Success

In the face of the ever-changing needs of businesses and industries, JTC Corporation continues to be a key player in creating infrastructure for growth.

As we continue to strive towards economic transformation and innovation, infrastructure plays an often understated but important role as a vital cog of development. As the lead government agency in charge of the development of industrial infrastructure, JTC Corporation (JTC) shapes Singapore’s economic landscape, developing ready-built facilities, business parks, and industrial estates that attract targeted investments, and at the same time, enable industrialists to revolutionise the way they work, live, play, and learn in these estates.

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and digitalisation has changed the nature of advanced manufacturing. Today, competition to attract high-tech advanced manufacturing industries is intense, and it is now more important than ever for JTC to continually re-imagine and re-shape its industrial infrastructure for future generations together with the industry and community.

A Multi-Faceted Environment For Growth

JTC continually stays ahead of industry trends and remains at the forefront of creating industry spaces today, that will make an impact tomorrow. It was the chance to be a part of an organisation that can make an impact in the whole life cycle and value-chain of development —from master-planning and development, to marketing, lease management, and facilities management—that attracted Nagarajan Ratha, 27, to JTC’s work.

Currently into his second year as a Mechanical Engineer in JTC’s Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Department, Naga’s roles and responsibilities involve taking the lead in providing technical support for JTC’s building projects and developments by ensuring a sufficient supply of M&E services. He plans and conceptualises new and advanced engineering-related technologies in areas related to energy and water conservation for implementation in JTC’s building facilities. As part of his work, he represents JTC in project teams for technical matters and discussions on the aforementioned technologies.

Nagarajan Ratha

Nagarajan Ratha 
JTC Undergraduate Scholar
Mechanical Engineer (Mechanical & Electrical Department)
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering with Management)
Master of Science (Advanced Manufacturing Technology & Systems Management)
– University of Manchester

“I am working on the upcoming Woodlands North Coast project master-planned by JTC in collaboration with the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). It is an upcoming mixed-use estate which will bring job opportunities, amenities, and community spaces closer to residents. I facilitated the mechanical design for the JTC’s multi-tenanted buildings as well as the planning of services for the industrial landscape of that area. Presently, I am helping in the mechanical services design consideration for the Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) campus that would be built at Coney Island. This is part of JTC’s role as the Centre of Excellence for infrastructure development, where we support other government agencies with our expertise in infrastructure development projects.”

Being the catalyst for growth, JTC is committed to creating an internal environment where the individual’s career and personal development can be cultivated. Naga recounts being given various opportunities to gain industry-ready skills and grow professionally during his journey as a Mechanical Engineer. “In my time at JTC, I have gained considerable technical knowledge in my field of work, as well as a wide breadth of understanding of the industry,” he says.

He has also acquired many project management and interpersonal skills which have been further honed through interactions with different stakeholders such as consultancy engineers, where he picked up useful tips from their design work. This knowledge, along with his overseas scholarship experience, has allowed him to upgrade his skillsets and become an asset to his division. In addition, the exposure to M&E in both the public and private sectors has fuelled his passion.

“JTC is committed to creating an internal environment where the individual’s career and personal development can be cultivated.” Nagarajan

“In my day-to-day work, I engage with various consultants and contractors from the private sector, as well as fellow government agencies across a large range of projects. It lets me pursue my interests in engineering and be involved in projects that will transform the industrial landscape in Singapore, as well as catalyse its economic growth,” says Naga.

Growing Beyond Your Comfort Zone

The agency remains forward-thinking by actively embracing creativity and innovation, turning spaces into conducive spaces for collaboration and community-building, and actively bringing industrialists together to put into action new initiatives that will benefit them and enable them to be more competitive. As such, pro-activeness and boldness to take on challenges are essential ingredients for an aspiring scholar to thrive in this environment.

“JTC is a lead demand generator, which means that projects are challenging as they are carried out from vision to reality. Yet therein lies the reward; I realise how JTC is playing its role as a dynamic driver of our economy. Through multi-tenanted industrial projects, I am able to help JTC keep up with the times and stay competitive,” shares Naga.

He also advises anyone looking to begin this fulfilling journey with JTC to expect a learning curve that will constantly challenge limits, and a scope of work that goes beyond one’s comfort zone. “JTC is a great place to challenge yourself both as an engineer and as a public officer, where you can look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the future of Singapore’s industrial landscape.”