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Flying Towards The Future

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As one of the world’s best airports, Changi Airport’s experience stands out from the crowd. We find out what it’s like to be a part of the family through two scholars from Changi Airport Group.

Think about the best airports in the world, and Changi Airport will surely come to mind. With its top-notch efficiency and passenger-centric facilities, it is hardly any surprise that the airport has managed to snag Skytrax’s World’s Best Airport Award for six consecutive years.

Changi Airport’s success can be credited to its people, a fact that Changi Airport Group (CAG) recognises. To this end, CAG goes the extra mile for its staff, not least of all the scholars. There’s a reason why CAG was ranked the top bonded scholarship provider amongst top A-Level and IB graduates in 2018. We speak to Changi Airport Group’s scholars Edmond Chen, 24, and Zheng Ruoming, 22, to find out more.

Edmond Chen

Edmond Chen 
CAG Overseas Undergraduate Scholar
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and Master of Science in Computer Science – Northwestern University

What motivated you to apply for this scholarship?

Edmond: I was first attracted to Changi Airport Group by its professionalism, which is evident from their attention to detail. As a passenger, you can experience it the moment you walk in, and throughout the entire check-in and boarding process.

Another factor that attracted me was the diversity of work that is available in CAG. The major functions of the airport spanned several distinct clusters: Commercial, Engineering and Development, Airport Operations, Air Hub Development, and more. This contrasted with other corporations where the functions may be more homogeneous.

Ruoming: I applied for several scholarships as I needed financial support for my university studies, but after I started doing more research on CAG, I began to like the company culture and came to appreciate their support and vision for their scholars. For instance, CAG has one of the shortest scholarship bonds, and offers pre-university students the flexibility of choosing any undergraduate course of study (except Medicine and Dentistry). I would say, it was CAG’s trust in its scholars and the openness in the company culture that put the scholarship on the top of my list.

“A major perk of being a CAG scholar is the attention paid to scholars to ensure that they have a fulfilling and smooth education.” Edmond Chen

What are the perks of being a CAG Scholar?

Edmond: A major perk of being a CAG scholar is the attention paid to scholars to ensure that they have a fulfilling and smooth education. The People Team at Changi Airport Group regularly sends us tokens of encouragement while ensuring that any issues we face overseas are addressed promptly. In addition, we were given various opportunities to interact with CAG management over the course of our studies. They not only provided professional mentorship, but also made us feel like a part of the CAG family.

Ruoming: I feel that being able to return for internships with CAG’s multiple business functions is a great perk, rather than an “obligation” to be fulfilled. It is a rare opportunity to be able to experience the many diverse functions within just one company.

CAG also supports our participation in overseas exchange programmes and summer school programmes, which is amazing. My time overseas gave me new perspectives and inspiration for my work and even in life. CAG’s openness and support towards programmes that encourage cultural exposure is something that I’m grateful for.

“I would say, it was CAG’s trust in its scholars and the openness in the company culture that put the scholarship on the top of my list.” Zheng Ruoming

Zheng Ruoming

Zheng Ruoming 
CAG Local Undergraduate Scholar
Bachelor of Communication Studies – Nanyang Technological University

What do you hope to achieve in the future?

Edmond: In the near term, I hope to grow in engineering skills. In the distant future, I wish to leverage these skills to make the lives of others easier and more meaningful.

Ruoming: Career-wise, I aspire to contribute to CAG’s growth with my passion and skills in data-driven marketing. The aviation industry may change and transform, but the need to understand the users of the airport and to communicate to them with precision and effectiveness will always present a challenge. I also hope to help CAG capture business opportunities in the market.

How do you think your studies will help you reach your career goals?

Edmond: I am currently pursuing a combined Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. These disciplines help me understand both traditional civil infrastructures and digital technologies. I believe having this foundation would enable me to work on and learn from a wide range of engineering projects.

Ruoming: I am currently majoring in Communication Studies with a second major in Business, specialising in Business Analytics. I did not set out to learn about data analytics at the start of university, but I was fortunate to have explored the discipline and have grown to love it. I can now see how data analytics has the potential to optimise marketing efforts in all aspects, from the planning to the execution. I believe that the ability to process a problem with creative thinking and analytical thinking skills will be a great asset for my future career.

Changi Terminal 4

Terminal 4, Changi Airport’s newest terminal

What excites you about the future of your industry?

Edmond: One aspect that excites me is the arrival of new technologies for both passenger experience as well as day-to-day operations in the airport. CAG has eagerly embraced such technologies. In the future, advancements in sensors and predictive analytics could facilitate the day-to-day work of engineers on the ground.

Ruoming: To me, the most exciting thing about the aviation industry is not just its growth potential in the next few decades, but also how we should continually innovate to address this growth. New technology, new business models, or even new air travel means – these are all exciting possibilities for the industry, and the thought of being at the forefront of future innovations really excites me.