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A career at Land Transport Authority (LTA) is a dynamic one that will keep you going forward.

Spearheading the development of land transport in Singapore is the Land Transport Authority (LTA), which is responsible for the planning, designing, building, and maintaining of our land transport infrastructure and systems. Aiming to bring about a greener and more inclusive public transport system, LTA chooses to leverage on technology to strengthen our rail and bus infrastructure, working to provide exciting options for future land transport.

Those looking to make a mark on Singapore’s transport landscape will find diverse learning opportunities in a career with LTA, something that LTA scholars Chan Jie Yee, 28, and Tan Min Yee, 25, have both enjoyed.

Chan Jie Yee

Chan Jie Yee 
LTA Overseas Undergraduate Scholarship (Full-Term)
Manager, Policy and Planning
Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering – Carnegie Mellon University

What made you interested in applying for a scholarship from LTA?

Jie Yee: I decided on LTA out of the various scholarship offers after hearing personal accounts from the experienced staff I met during the interviews. I was impressed by the dedication of these staff to making a positive change to the public transport landscape. I enjoy interacting with people and value teamwork, and I believe that the nature of the job is a good match with my interests and personality. Furthermore, the LTA scholarship was a golden opportunity for me to pursue my field of interest at the college of my dreams.

LTA is an attractive workplace after graduation as it offers a wide range of career paths and development opportunities. In order to keep our world moving, we rely on a huge pool of engineers, designers, policy analysts, economists and many more who are working towards a common goal.

Min Yee: My keen interest in urban geography developed into a curiosity for urban planning. While the scope of urban planning is very broad, ranging from land use planning to housing planning, transportation planning particularly piqued my interest as I found the challenge of providing seamless connection for people, bringing people to and around spaces, stimulating. LTA thus became the perfect fit as the field of land transport covers the aspects of roads, rails and buses.

What dynamic career opportunities can one look forward to at LTA?

Jie Yee: At LTA, we deal with multi-faceted issues, where engineering solutions and transport strategies are tangible and impactful to Singaporeans. Although it can be hectic at times, the work is meaningful and rewarding, giving me the satisfaction that I have made a difference in shaping our transport ecosystem. Furthermore, as an LTA scholar, I participated in development programmes that develop both my personal and professional aspirations. These included being a liaison officer for the Singapore Airshow, and further reinforced for me how my work in LTA contributes to the whole transport and economic landscape in Singapore as well as the importance to give back to the society.

“We are given opportunities to select different career paths based on our interests, strengths, and performance.” Jie Yee

The management also invests in their staff through coaching and sharing sessions. LTA scholars do not have to follow a rigid career path. Instead, we are given opportunities to select different career paths based on our interests, strengths, and performance.

Min Yee: As transport is at the heart of a functioning global city, LTA plays an extremely important role in Singapore. LTA is a large organisation that provides diverse career opportunities ranging from policy and planning to engineering, and operations.

There is a structured career progression track put in place to allow scholars to gain different exposure across key functions which shape our transport landscape. This includes rotation within (and outside of) LTA as well as developmental assignments.

There are also abundant of learning opportunities in LTA as the management takes an active interest in our personal development and areas of interest. It is definitely an exciting time to join LTA as we continue to improve the commuters’ transport experience.

Tan Min Yee

Tan Min Yee 
LTA Local Undergraduate Scholarship (Mid-Term)
Assistant Manager, Active Mobility
Master of Science in Urban Studies – University College London

Min Yee, what has working at LTA been like for you?

Min Yee: LTA values teamwork given the magnitude of projects we manage such as building the MRT lines across Singapore. The staff are very passionate and dedicated to their jobs which never fails to inspire me to push on whenever I face a challenge. The officers I’ve worked with are cooperative and helpful, making LTA a conducive working environment.

In particular, the Active Mobility Unit has an extremely young and vibrant culture. The dynamic nature of the work translates into the work place culture where my colleagues and I have lots of fun. Beyond that, we regularly organise “cycle to work” days where the team will get together and ride to work. In fact, all departments in LTA have a unique culture that is worth working for.

“Aspiring LTA scholars should research into the organisation’s scope of work and mission to check if they are closely aligned to one’s interest.” Min Yee

Any advice or tips for those looking to apply for this scholarship?

Jie Yee: I think it is important to identify your interests and find an organisation that allows you to achieve your own aspirations. I believe that accepting a scholarship inevitably relates to deciding one’s career choice after graduation.

Min Yee: Having walked through this path myself, I know that choosing a scholarship can be an intimidating process given the vast number of scholarship choices available and the commitment it entails. Aspiring LTA scholars should research into the organisation’s scope of work and mission to check if they are closely aligned to one’s interest. Most importantly, talk to current scholars working in LTA. Having gained first-hand experience, they will be able to share with you the nature of work undertaken by LTA, as well as the working culture of the organisation. Ultimately, it all boils down to a passion for serving the community through shaping the land transport in Singapore. Always follow your passion and keep an open mind!