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Fulfilment Through Service

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Heart and passion are key ingredients for a meaningful career with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

For a small country like Singapore, maintaining peace and security is crucial to our sovereignty and way of life. Tasked with the important role of safeguarding our national interests is the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), whose team of dedicated men and women work tirelessly to ensure our defence capabilities remain up-to-date and are efficient to meet and counter the ever-evolving threats and challenges.

This mission to serve the nation, along with the opportunity to lead like-minded people with passion, motivated Captain (CPT) Mohamad Fahrul Bin Saaid to take up a military profession and apply for the SAF Academic Scholarship. “I have always treasured the peace and security Singapore enjoys, which is built upon the commitment and dedication of the people who have served before me. During my National Service (NS), I met many nurturing commanders who have made a difference in my life and others around me,” he explains. “Not only did they show dedication to the country, they also strived to always bring out the best from individuals they were leading. That was when I realised that being part of the military was not just about protecting the country; it was also an avenue to nurture young men of our society, which makes this profession especially meaningful to me.”

Captain (CPT) Mohamad Fahrul

Captain (CPT) Mohamad Fahrul Bin Saaid 
SAF Academic Scholarship
Staff Officer, G6 Army
Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering (Honours) – University of New South Wales

Learning to Lead

CPT Fahrul is currently in charge of developing training plans while serving as a Staff Officer in G6 Army – a department that governs all training matters. His leadership qualities were first honed during his undergraduate studies at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA). The ADFA is a tri-service military academy in Canberra, Australia, that provides military and tertiary academic education.

“Being in a military school, I was fortunate to be taught by many outstanding Australian military personnel who had been deployed in operations worldwide,” CPT Fahrul shares. “They shared useful lessons learnt from their experiences and challenges they faced as military leaders. These lessons have proved to be helpful in my appointments.”

He added that there are many developmental and learning opportunities that individuals can look forward to such as regular engagements with senior commanders and overseas training. “These opportunities provided us with different perspectives and shaped our understanding and appreciation for the SAF,” CPT Fahrul says.

“Being part of the military was not just about protecting the country; it was also an avenue to nurture young men of our society,” Captain (CPT) Mohamad Fahrul

A Career With Heart

The SAF offers a great platform for a rewarding and fulfilling career. CPT Fahrul shared one of his experiences where he helped a serviceman adjust back to army life after being detained for 18 months.

“It was challenging for him in a new environment with new peers and commanders. There were several times he almost wanted to give up and succumb to his old habits.” With guidance and support from CPT Fahrul, the serviceman eventually became an integral member of the company. Such experiences motivate CPT Fahrul to continue to make a difference in the lives of those around him.

To those who are on the cusp of deciding if this career path is for them, he has this to say. “If you have the heart and passion to lead and develop people, join us. We want leaders who can lead with passion and have the ability to shape the future of the SAF.”