Successful Leaders Swear By These 5 End-of-Day Habits
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Successful Leaders Swear By These
5 End-of-Day Habits

Successful Leaders Swear By These 5 End-of-Day Habits

Some run countries, others manage multi-billion dollar investments or multi-national companies that generate a daily profit that's longer than your mobile number. So what do these successful people do to de-stress, live life to its fullest and run successful empires? Here are 5 end-of-day habits most of them keep, to find the balance while still remaining extremely productive during the day to achieve and succeed in their goals.

They Take A Break

Everything has a place, and there is a place for everything. In this case, successful people consciously make the effort to take a break and rest. Many people mistake the concept of 'resting' with 'stopping'. When successful individuals rest, they do not stop what they are doing physically; they take a break mentally. The do not continue thinking about work or their to-do lists, and simply enjoy a mental breather, giving their minds a chance to rest and de-stress.

This will help you to be even more productive when you get back to the work you need to do as you had the chance to recharge, refresh, and restart.

They Plan Their Time

Everyone is given 24 hours a day, but how do these successful leaders achieve so much? They plan their time and schedule appointments in detail and review their schedule the day before to prepare themselves. This is instead of just “winging it” or going with the flow, as and when something crops up. Whether it is planning for a group project meeting, having a catch up with your teammate from a CCA, or even the weekly trip to the gym - plan them in advance. This process of planning encourages a system of organisation and gives you a better control of your time.

They Make Time For Exercise

You've heard it a million times before, but exercising really does have a huge impact on your mental and physical health, and successful people understand this. On the mental health front, science has shown that with consistent exercise it helps boost focus, creativity, confidence and adaptability - all of which are important traits for students. On the physical front, exercising helps your body release chemicals that are essential to overall health and fitness. Not to mention it also reduces the risk of stress-related illnesses like heart diseases, diabetes or depression.

They Read Books

Did you know that Bill Gates reads about 50 non-fiction books a year? He does so because it allows him to learn new things, test and hone his understanding while helping him see things from a different perspective. Perhaps one of the easiest habits to pick on this list, reading for an hour daily gives you introspection, and allows you to pick up new soft or hard skills in the comfort of your own home. With lifelong learning the new way forward for Singapore, this habit is one that we can all try to pick up in order to keep learning and growing beyond the textbooks and lecture halls.

They Make Time For Sleep

Many think that sleep can wait, but that is not entirely true. Successful leaders know that sleep is important because it keeps you focused, gives you the ability to digest information quickly and prevents you from falling ill. A well-rested mind with seven to nine hours of rest will enable you to deliver more at school, as compared to someone who had less. So next time if you are wondering if you should binge-watch another episode of your serial drama on a school night, think twice.