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Nanyang Technological University
A great global university, Nanyang Technological University offers students diverse personal and professional development opportunities.

The premier tertiary institution in Singapore, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), is ranked 11th globally and is the world’s best young university. Synonymous with excellence and real-world relevance, the university’s world-class academic and research programmes provide a holistic educational experience that groom and nurture tomorrow’s leaders and thinkers.

We chat with two dynamic and enterprising minds, Nanyang Scholarship holders Verene Chou Hui Wen and Michelle Tay Hui Ting, on their enriching undergraduate education experiences at NTU.

Why did you choose to study at NTU?

 Verene:   When considering my options, I finally chose to join NTU as the newly launched Food Science and Technology second major programme piqued my interest. I felt that the programme provided opportunities to broaden my scope of studies and complement my passion in chemistry. Furthermore, NTU offers unique electives from sport science management, such as dance sports and modern jazz, which I really enjoy!

 Michelle:   After much deliberation, I chose NTU for two reasons: the scholarship and programme offered. The Nanyang Scholarship offers many opportunities for personal development and is bond-free. Among my options, NTU also offered me the best programme—a double degree programme that allows me to earn a Bachelor of Business and a Master of Science in Financial Engineering. I believe that the rigour and technical skills of Financial Engineering would be extremely useful and relevant in my future career.

Michelle Tay Hui Ting

Michelle Tay Hui Ting 
Nanyang Scholarship holder

Bachelor of Business and Master of Science in
Financial Engineering

“I believe that the rigour and technical skills of Financial Engineering would be extremely useful and relevant in my future career.”

What makes your programme’s curriculum dynamic and relevant to future industry leaders?

 Verene:   The rigorous curriculum in NTU allows us to take up modules from other programmes that are of interest to broaden our scope in studies. My course is challenging in the sense that we have to read modules from multiple disciplines, namely engineering and sciences. This is really useful as it enhances my future career options and improves my ability to perceive issues from multiple angles. My professors also regularly host seminars on latest developments in research which allows us to keep up-to-date with the industry.

 Michelle:   My programme has taught me far beyond theoretical and technical skills and has equipped me with soft skills which are equally important in the workplace. Due to its fluid nature, business is constantly changing especially with the advent of disruptors and technology. Hence, as Business students, it is imperative for us to constantly upgrade our skills in order to be future-ready. As such, NTU constantly employs innovative pedagogy and adapts the curriculum to better suit real-world business practices and needs.

An integral part of our learning journey would be through real-world experiences in the form of internships. To ensure that all Business students obtain relevant experiences, it is compulsory for us to complete a 10-week internship. Such internships definitely shed light on the kind of skills and knowledge required in the 21st century. It also exposes us to the various specialisations and career paths awaiting us after graduation.

Verene Chou Hui Wen

Verene Chou Hui Wen 
Nanyang Scholarship holder

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, with a 2nd Major in Food Science and Technology

“I also had the opportunity to intern at DuPont and work alongside food technologists in a pilot plant. It was really an eye opener and gave me insights to what working in the industry is like.”

What are some of the personal development opportunities for a Nanyang Scholarship holder?

 Verene:   As a Nanyang Scholarship holder we are able to attend many networking and outreach events that help build up my communication skills. Being a scholar also means that I do not have to worry about financing my tuition fees. I can fully focus on academics and other co-curricular activities to develop holistically and become a well-rounded person.

I also had the opportunity to intern at DuPont and work alongside food technologists in a pilot plant. It was really an eye opener and gave me insights to what working in the industry is like. I also had the opportunity to go on a semester exchange in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, and a summer study trip to Wageningen, Netherlands. I have become more independent and learnt to appreciate diversity and working with people from different backgrounds.


The scholarship provides us with an allowance as well as full coverage of our tuition fees. But what I really cherish is the numerous opportunities presented to us, such as priority for overseas programmes. Being a Nanyang Scholarship holder made it easier for me to secure a good exchange programme. Additionally, we are able to participate in numerous activities such as the Scholars Orientation Programme and Scholars Award Ceremony. Since these activities are mostly conducted before school starts, I was able to make many new friends which made transiting into university much smoother.

Share some fun and unknown information about NTU.

 Verene:   The culture on campus is really dynamic and vibrant! There are so many CCAs and activities that we can choose to participate in, catering to diverse interests. The hall culture in NTU is also a must to experience during our undergraduate years. Making new friends across faculties through these activities is one of my biggest takeaways from being in NTU.

 Michelle:   There is often a misconception that students in NTU are all work and no play. We do have our fair share of fun and games, especially when you stay in hall and actively participate in hall activities. While we may be rather isolated geographically, I do think that we make the best of what we have. The people here are really friendly and there is rarely a dull day in NTU. We often have a plethora of events, activities and giveaways going on. Even on normal days, the atmosphere is still very lively and vibrant!