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Singapore is regarded as a top-ranking and forward-looking maritime capital in the region and the world. The Singapore Maritime Foundation casts a vast net of opportunities for talents who are ready to make waves in the industry and steer the nation further.

The maritime industry encompasses port, shipping, maritime services, tourism, and offshore and marine engineering. Countries have depended on the seas for trade and transportation for centuries. Today, shipping moves 90% of the world’s trade. According to a recently published report by Menon Economics, Singapore is ranked one of the top maritime capitals in the world, establishing the nation as a significant player in the global shipping industry.

Recognising the need to provide the maritime industry with a clear and representative voice, the Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF) was established in 2004 to forge strong partnerships between the public and private sectors, and to realize the vision of developing Singapore as an International Maritime Centre (IMC).

The MaritimeONE Scholarship is an exciting opportunity provided to students pursuing maritime related degrees or diplomas, and enables them to explore the maritime industry through internships, networking sessions with industry representatives and learning journeys to gain deeper insights into this industry. In this segment, we navigate through the journeys of two individuals, Iffah Syafiqah Binte Imran and Har Wai Yip, as they share their experiences as MaritimeONE scholars.

Maritime is a unique industry. Share with us what you find exciting about it.

 Iffah:  The maritime industry is a global, exciting and challenging one. As technological innovation creates greater operational advantages for maritime firms, the success of this industry is reliant on the ever-changing skills and knowledge of individuals. Since Singapore is one of the world’s largest transhipment and bunkering hub, there is an abundance of exciting opportunities for those seeking to join the industry.

 Wai Yip:   I agree. The industry has many diverse enterprises offering different services, including shipbuilding, offshore marine, transportation and freight forwarding. With opportunities for cross-cultural interactions, Singapore is a strategic maritime hub because of its prime location. Therefore, a career in this industry offers international exposure and tremendous career opportunities.

Iffah Syafiqah Binte Imran

Iffah Syafiqah Binte Imran 
Singapore Maritime Academy (SMA)

MaritimeONE Scholarship
Operations Exective

“The maritime industry is a global, exciting and challenging one. As technological innovation creates greater operational advantages for maritime firms, the success of this industry is reliant on the ever-changing skills and knowledge of individuals.”

How have the opportunities offered in your scholarship benefited your holistic development?

 Iffah:  This scholarship gave me the chance to pursue my degree abroad with Plymouth University. The experience of living independently and being exposed to different cultures has been memorable and joyful.

In Singapore, I was posted to the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) for a six-month internship programme, and attached to the Safety Inspectorate and Marine Services Department. I participated in the Maritime Safety Week Planning and joined my colleagues on various inspections on board different vessels. I also had the opportunity to attend workshops organised by MPA regarding challenges faced by seafarers and pilots. These experiences reinforced my interests and helped me to gain a better understanding of the industry.

 Wai Yip:  The MaritimeONE scholarship is a great platform for starting a career in maritime. Scholars are often invited to industry events such as panel discussions or networking sessions where we learn about the latest developments in the industry and gain insightful advice.

The added knowledge from the various platforms gave me an advantage during my internship interviews. I was privileged to receive the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore Global Internship Award (MPA-GIA), where I spent a month in Mumbai, India. This gave me the opportunity to work hands-on in a professional environment which would come in handy in my future career.

Upon graduation, what are the kinds of careers a scholar can venture into in the industry?

 Wai Yip:  The maritime industry offers diverse career choices and will depend on your interest, skills and values. Some examples of careers include ship management, ship financing, chartering and brokering, amongst others. There are also various specialisations ranging from containers, dry bulk and oil and gas.

How did your education provide you with the skills and knowledge to excel in your career goals?

 Iffah:  I pursued an honours degree in Maritime Business and Logistics, which helped me understand how shipping companies function and equipped me with the necessary knowledge for my current job as an Operations Executive in a ship agency company. The learning opportunities I have received from MaritimeONE programmes and Plymouth University have sharpened my social skills and given me an in-depth understanding of how the maritime industry works.

Har Wai Yip

Har Wai Yip 
FEDNAV - MaritimeONE Scholarship

Bachelor of Business Management
(Double Major in Finance & Maritime Economics)
Singapore Management University

“The scholarship gives you a head start in your career, and the programme offers many learning and networking opportunities.”

 Wai Yip:  I am currently studying at the Singapore Management University (SMU), which offers a rigorous maritime curriculum. The Maritime Economics Track is a specialisation within the School of Economics. It is tailored and designed to prepare students with a foundation in business and economics to work in a maritime business-related role. The programme helps me to understand market dynamics, including the demand and supply factors of different commodities. This knowledge is extremely useful for people looking to develop a career in dry bulk or oil and gas transportation.

Any advice for those considering a MaritimeONE Scholarship?

 Iffah:  The scholarship thoroughly prepares students for the industry. Scholars receive many opportunities to learn about the industry such as talks, workshops and networking seminars where industry professionals provide insightful perspectives about working in maritime. So don’t hesitate in applying for this scholarship!

  Wai Yip:  The scholarship gives you a head start in your career, and the programme offers many learning and networking opportunities. Prepare yourself well for the interviews by reading up on your sponsor companies. Be confident and more importantly, be yourself during the interviews – personality matters in the maritime business!