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MINDEF – Republic of Singapore Navy

Captain (CPT) Jaime Liew Hui Xin attended an SAF Scholarship tea session during her second year in Junior College.

“I was very intrigued by the psychological fabric that makes up a defence force. How does one remain emotionally intact when making difficult ethical decisions under extreme pressure? How does a large organisation guard itself against groupthink? How do you inspire excellence in the men and women whom you lead? These questions challenged me to think deeply about issues revolving leadership and morality. I also realised that I could not bear to stand idly and helplessly by if my loved ones were threatened,” CPT Jaime recalls, who is currently Assistant Operations Officer of RSS Independence, the first-of-class Littoral Mission Vessel of the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN).

“I was looking for a career that would allow me to work with people in a life-changing way and do something that would challenge me intellectually and engage me emotionally. I saw the chance to do that in the SAF, and in particular, the Navy,” she shares.

As a recipient of the SAF Merit Scholarship, the opportunities and exposure she received to achieve this dream were invaluable. “I pursued a Bachelor of Science in International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science and Masters in War Studies at King’s College London. Living and studying overseas broadened my mind and exposed me to numerous different cultures, strands of thoughts and identities,” she recalled.

Captain (CPT) Jamie Liew Hui Xin

Captain (CPT) Jamie Liew Hui Xin 
SAF Merit Scholarship

Assistant Operations Officer (AOPS) RSS Independence, Independence-class Littoral Mission Vessel

“As young military officers, we have an opportunity to shoulder some of the responsibility of ensuring the readiness and vigilance of our defence force.”

The skills and knowledge acquired assisted her in excelling in her current role. “The main role of the RSN is to protect Singapore’s vital sea lanes. In particular, the littoral mission vessels and patrol vessels are entrusted with the responsibility of protecting the Singapore Strait. When out at sea, I lead the bridge team to ensure that our patrols at sea are safe and effective. I am also in charge of ensuring that our weapons suite is always ready for operations. Serving at the frontline of Singapore’s maritime defence has been a rewarding experience, knowing that what I do at sea keeps Singapore’s sea lanes free and secure.”

CPT Jaime encourages students to consider a career with MINDEF/SAF because she strongly believes young military officers, like herself, can make a difference in the defence landscape in tangible and impactful ways. She feels that even a small-scale attack can cause a ripple effect and lead to large psychological or economic impacts. This is the persistent threat in the current security climate. She shares, "As young military officers, we have an opportunity to shoulder some of the responsibility of ensuring the readiness and vigilance of our defence force."