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Success in Sustainability

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Sembcorp scholar and maritime enthusiast, Lionel Kok, shares how his time at the organisation has honed his skills and enabled him to contribute to the sustainability of the nation.

With increased awareness about climate change issues across the globe, a major concern is whether we will be able to leave future generations with a sustainable world – a world which offers a better quality of life to what we enjoy today. It is because of this that even in Singapore’s quest for rapid economic development; the nation continues to prioritise environmental concerns.

SgIS scholar, Lionel Kok, shares why he chose to join Sembcorp and how his time thus far has helped hone his skill set; enabling him to contribute to the sustainable development of Singapore’s future.

A Heart for Sustainability

Lionel first developed an interest in the offshore and marine industry when he was a cadet onboard an offshore support vessel and got a glimpse of the diversity of the maritime world. He noticed how the maritime industry’s development followed the rise and fall of the world economy. Despite having its ups and downs, Lionel saw how the sector was improving with technology and felt a strong urge to be part of this development. Excitedly, he says, “The maritime industry itself is huge. I was excited by the infinite possibilities and I felt there would be a wide spectrum of career opportunities for me to explore.”

Lionel Kok Fook Yuen

Lionel Kok Fook Yuen 
SgIS Scholar with Sembcorp Industries Ltd

Bachelor of Science in Maritime Studies, 2nd Major in Business
Nanyang Technological University

“The maritime industry itself is huge. I was excited by the infinite possibilities and I felt there would be a wide spectrum of career opportunities for me to explore.”

Opportunities to Develop and Grow

He reiterates that to date he has not been disappointed, as being a scholar in Sembcorp has afforded him valuable opportunities he would not have otherwise had.

The first, he says, is through the various internships offered to scholars. While classroom lessons are essential and have provided him with a good foundation to the industry, his internship with Sembcorp has allowed him to see how classroom theories translate into practice and have given him insights into what the industry is like in real life. It has also helped him forge important connections with his colleagues, all of which will contribute to his smooth transition into Sembcorp upon graduation.

Lionel is also grateful that Sembcorp sponsored his exchange programme in Norway. Living overseas and learning about a new culture is something he feels has helped to broaden his perspectives, enabling him to better contribute in the future.

He has also seen Sembcorp’s dedication to helping its people grow through the little things, like setting up a club - Hippocampus for scholars. Hippocampus offers activities like volunteering which enable scholars to give back to society. More than that, it forms a platform for scholars to meet likeminded people, and has given him an avenue to ask for advice and to build the foundation he needs for a successful career in the future.

Future Aspirations

Soon to graduate and move into a full-time position with Sembcorp; Lionel is excited about the possibilities that the future holds.

He says: “I would like to take on challenging roles that compel me to constantly learn as I believe upgrading my skills and knowledge are the way to stay relevant in the industry. In future, I hope to take on roles with higher responsibilities and contribute to the organisation’s growth.”

Lionel advises aspiring scholars to find an organisation that best aligns with both their interests as well as field of study – only then, he says, will they be able to truly reap the benefits of the opportunities to develop and grow.

“I would highly recommend taking a scholarship. Speaking from personal experience, this is a company that wants to develop your talent and help you achieve your potential. Working with Sembcorp, I believe you will be empowered to achieve greater things,” he declares.