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Engineering a Solid Future

Singapore Technologies Engineering
For those who have a passion for science in technology, ST Engineering offers the unique opportunity to be part of one of the leading forces in the engineering sector.

Constantly at the forefront of technological innovations is ST Engineering – an integrated defence and engineering group that provides cutting-edge solutions and services in the aerospace, electronics, land systems, and marine sectors.

Those who choose to pursue a career in this dynamic organisation can expect to find an exciting professional life full of diverse opportunities. ST Engineering Overseas Scholar Low Jin Yi and ST Engineering-SgIS Scholar Ang Liang Sheng provide us with an insider’s look into the organisation. They tell us about the many benefits they have received from their respective scholarships and the joys of working in this prestigious organisation.

What are the opportunities that have been afforded to you in the scholarship?

 Jin Yi:  I knew that I wanted to be an engineer, but had yet to narrow down my options. Being an ST Engineering Overseas Scholar allowed me to keep my options open with a diverse range of career choices after graduating from college, and gradually explore my areas of interest in business.

Ang Liang Sheng

Ang Liang Sheng 
ST Engineering-SgIS Scholar

Engineer, Avionics Engineering Services

"I have many opportunities to collaborate with team members to innovatively streamline work flow or processes to achieve more accurate and efficient outcomes"

I was also privileged to be involved in ST Engineering’s Passenger-to-Freighter (PTF) conversion programme back when I was interning at ST Aerospace. It is one of the world’s largest freighter conversion contracts, placing ST Engineering on equal footing with technology giants of the world. I received first-hand experience learning how engineers redesigned and reconfigured the PTF to give passenger aircrafts a “second lease of life”, so that they can serve in a different market segment at the end of their product lifecycle.

 Liang Sheng:  With my scholarship, I got to go on an overseas exchange stint to the University of Strathclyde as part of my undergraduate exchange programme. This allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, live independently, adapt to the new environment, as well as interact and work with students of different cultures and backgrounds.

Share with us more about the current or upcoming projects that you are involved in.

 Jin Yi:  I am currently the Project Engineer for the Littoral Mission Vessel that is being constructed for the Republic of Singapore Navy. These new ships are faster, more versatile, and equipped with sharper capabilities to reinforce Singapore’s seaward defence. It is an exciting project as the vessel’s technology is all state-of-the-art. Projects like these contribute towards developing the overall engineering eco-system for Singapore, so it makes me proud to be involved in this great undertaking.

 Liang Sheng:  I am currently part of the team working on the Integrated Management System project. This project aims to modernise our IT infrastructure to tap on the new technologies available to optimise and bring efficiency to our systems and processes, as well as to create capabilities to harness the data that we have.

Low Jin Yi

Low Jin Yi 
ST Engineering Overseas Scholar

Senior Engineer (Projects, Shipbuilding)

“My projects contribute towards developing the overall engineering eco-system for Singapore, so it makes me proud to be involved in this great undertaking.”

How does your role tap into modern technology and innovation to achieve its goals?

 Jin Yi:  The projects and vessels that are being built in ST Marine are all specially designed using modern engineering design software and visualisation tools. These engineering designs are then translated into actual productions which are complemented by advanced robotics and automated fabrication equipment utilised by the operations team.

Our design engineers have also designed our very own in-house preventive and predictive analytics software which can be seamlessly integrated onto any ship vessels. This provides a holistic overview into the monitoring of vessel machineries as part of a fleet management service.

 Liang Sheng:  I have many opportunities to collaborate with team members to innovatively streamline work flow or processes to achieve more accurate and efficient outcomes. For example, in working with my team on the Integrated Management System project, I got to collaborate with colleagues from different departments to collectively come up with improved work processes.

Tell us about career development opportunities in ST Engineering.

 Jin Yi:  The company and management team are all very supportive of my career development. Within three years, I was rotated between the Mechanical department and Projects-Shipbuilding department.

Beyond my daily job scope, I am also widely involved in R&D efforts as secretary for an R&D committee. From this role, I am able to understand how corporate strategy helps achieve the goals of driving innovation and business growth.

 Liang Sheng:  Beyond my current role as an engineer, I am looking forward to extending my involvement into areas like business development and continuous improvement projects. In addition, I also hope to be rotated amongst departments and business units to gain a better insight of the businesses within ST Engineering as a whole.

With these various roles, I hope to gain insights into how the organisation charts out its strategy to remain in the forefront as a leading maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) service provider. These are all in line with my aspiration to eventually be part of the corporate management to lead, make definite decisions and propel the company to greater heights.

Why should aspiring engineers pursue a scholarship with ST Engineering?

 Jin Yi:  ST Engineering is a global leader in the technological, defence, and engineering space. You get to interact with a wide range of industry players on topics ranging from marine and aerospace, to security and data. Here, you are able to amass practical expertise, apply your engineering knowledge, as well as be exposed to the commercial aspects of engineering.

 Liang Sheng:  When it comes to Singapore’s engineering industry, ST Engineering is a name that springs to mind. It is a world class group that has achieved considerable influence in terms of developing innovative solutions and services in its various business sectors. The organisation is well-positioned for aspiring engineers to leap into a multitude of career opportunities depending on your interest.