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Rising Above with Raffles Medical Group

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Being a medical professional is truly a calling. Many who pursue this path are driven by passion, dedication and a mandate to serve. Raffles Medical Group partners with these individuals to develop their full potential so as to provide quality healthcare to more people around the world.

For Ms Go Sey Mi, a Senior Staff Nurse at Raffles Hospital, it was the meaningful work, scholarship opportunities and a dynamic career path that attracted her to pursue her future with Raffles Medical Group (RMG). As a leading integrated private healthcare provider in Asia, operating medical facilities in thirteen cities including Singapore, China, Japan, Vietnam and Cambodia. On top of it, RMG owns and operates a fully integrated healthcare system comprising of a tertiary hospital, a network of family medicine and dental clinics, Japanese and Traditional Chinese Medicine clinics, insurance services and a consumer healthcare division.

Share with us your main roles and responsibilities.

As a nurse, I work closely with a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, such as doctors, therapists, social workers, pharmacists and radiographers to ensure timely treatment plans for my patients. Besides ensuring that the needs of my patients are met during a hospital stay, I also educate patients and their family members on their health matters, such as post-discharge care.

Go Sey Mi

Go Sey Mi 
Senior Staff Nurse
RMG Scholar

“RMG provided mentorship to me and helped me develop my critical thinking and analytical skills to develop scientific-based care approaches for patients.”

How has the scholarship developed your potential as a medical professional?

I chose the RMG scholarship programme as it is designed to groom future healthcare professionals through awarding nursing, pharmacy and business management related scholarships. My RMG scholarship allowed me to pursue my studies at Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) to complete a joint degree programme in Nursing with the University of Manchester. Beyond the scholarship, I was attached to various functional groups during term breaks to understand overall business operations and gain first-hand insight on the healthcare industry. Throughout the course, RMG provided mentorship to me and helped me develop my critical thinking and analytical skills to develop scientific-based care approaches for patients.

Why does your role bring you fulfilment?

My relaxed and friendly interactions with my patients promote positive nurse-patient relationship, allay patients’ anxiety, and allow me to understand their psychosocial background. Seeing the smiles on their faces or hearing a “thank you” is enough to make my day.

How does the career progression path and development opportunities at RMG enable you to achieve your career aspirations?

At RMG, there is never a dull day. I was given the opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary ward where I carried out different kinds of treatments. Every day, there are opportunities to experience and learn something new. The job rotation among the intensive care unit, acute and emergency care, and inpatient wards have also increased my understanding of workflow processes within RMG. At the same time, my understanding on how best to communicate and care for patients with different needs has also grown.

What advice do you have for those who want to join RMG?

Have a positive mindset and always put yourself in the patients’ shoes. Sometimes, we might encounter difficult situation. Do not take it personally. Instead, be patient and communicate with them. Finally, keep your passion ignited by thinking positively, because passion is the fuel that ignites the fire of your soul, and keeps you going.