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A Transformative Leader of Air Travel

Singapore Airlines
As a national icon, Singapore Airlines (SIA) nurtures and grooms talent who enable the airline to soar to new heights and define air travel.

Apride of the nation, SIA flies the friendly skies bearing the flag of a leader in the aviation industry. The organisation is defined by six core values: Excellence, Safety, Customer-focus, Care, Integrity and Teamwork. These values are central tenets of the culture in SIA and are embodied by its employees across all ranks and files. In a dynamic and fast-paced industry, these values serve as a constant reminder to staff to uphold the airline’s hard-earned stellar reputation and go the extra-mile.

Relentlessly, SIA has been redefining air travel and is saluted the gold standard of carriers. It has consistently innovated and raised standards of passenger service, exemplifying the rise of Singapore from a third world country to a developed nation.

In order to drive the organisation forward and keep it ahead of the competition, SIA grooms and cultivates talents through multiple pathways including scholarships to attract the best and brightest.

“The intensity and competitiveness of the aviation industry was what drew me to SIA,” says Neo Poh Siong Benjamin, a recipient of the SIA Open Overseas Scholarship. “In addition, I had always wanted to work for a company that flew the Singapore flag high and there is no other organisation that carries the Singapore flag globally like SIA.”

A Journey of Growth

Under the scholarship, Benjamin read Economics at University College London, before furthering his education with a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Management at the University of Cambridge. He describes his time overseas as an enriching and meaningful experience.

“I had the good fortune of meeting many brilliant people while I was overseas, both from Singapore and internationally. They helped in shaping my thoughts, and staying open to a culture or situation that may be unfamiliar. This aided tremendously in my transition to working life and in sieving out potential destinations to be added to the airline’s network,’ he shares with gratefulness.

In addition to internalising knowledge that can be applied in his current role as a Network Planning Analyst, Benjamin has also picked up many intangible life skills from his overseas education. He says with a smile, “As a student in a foreign country, there are many things which you have to handle on your own. Coupled with the new experiences that you can get by being in a new city, optimisation of resources is key!”

Neo Poh Siong Benjamin

Neo Poh Siong Benjamin 
Singapore Airlines Open Overseas Scholar

Network Planning Analyst

“It is important to be inquisitive and have an analytical mind as the solutions might sometimes be buried beneath layers of data. It is also crucial to keep an open mind as you would need to consider different combinations of possible solutions before arriving at an answer.”

Diverse Career Opportunities

SIA also provides bountiful professional developments opportunities for its employees to help them achieve their full potential.

Prior to graduation, Benjamin undertook several internships in the company which gave him a head start in his career. The work attachments provided him with insight into the company culture and the skills he needed to pick up while in university.

Furthermore, SIA offers a job rotation scheme for those who wish to stretch and challenge themselves while diversifying their skills sets and portfolio. Employees can look forward to various job postings within their field of specialisation or across functional areas.

Such career enhancement programmes represent fitting opportunities for Benjamin and his colleagues to contribute and learn at the same time. He is appreciative and elaborates, “The aviation landscape, and airline industry in particular, has reached a mature level. There is definitely a need to reinvent some of the current practices. For young graduates to create any change, it would be crucial for us to first understand the current landscape and the crux of any issue. We can definitely provide some fresh perspectives but we also need to be humble enough to learn from experienced veterans in the aviation scene.”

Soaring Ahead

Benjamin shares his thoughts on how his beliefs align with that of SIA’s values, and how this continues to guide his work. He explains, “It is important to be inquisitive and have an analytical mind as the solutions might sometimes be buried beneath layers of data. It is also crucial to keep an open mind as you would need to consider different combinations of possible solutions before arriving at an answer.”

“As you would need to work with various departments across the company, having a wide network and great interpersonal skills would also speed things up in identifying the right person to approach.”

He also has some words of advice for those aspiring to join SIA and says, “Over and above the scholarship and opportunity to study overseas, it is important for aspiring scholars to first be interested in the career that follows the education. The aviation industry is dynamic and exciting, with plenty of opportunities to grow as a young professional. SIA embodies this dynamism, in particular with the transformation projects that have been laid out. There will be no shortage of challenging assignments and projects and along with them, a sense of fulfilment.”