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Major (MAJ) Abu Bakar Bin Abdillah Alkatib's interest in national defence was driven by a selfless calling to "defend those who may not be able to defend themselves”. “I decided to join the SAF because it allows me to make a difference in the lives of the men I lead and groom them to become productive members of society. The organisation is also values-based and this strongly resonated with my beliefs and purpose.” He elaborates, “In an increasingly uncertain security landscape, it is important to come together as a nation to maintain peace and security. Every Singaporean has to play a part in the defence of our peaceful livelihood.”

His goal of serving the nation was made possible with the SAF Academic Scholarship. With the scholarship, he read Mechanical Engineering at the University of Edinburgh. Returning to the SAF, he served as a Platoon Commander in Officer Cadet School. “I have seen young recruits transform into leaders after nine months of gruelling training and assessments. There can be no greater reward than knowing your cadets would go on to lead their men with conviction, sincerity and humility,” he shares.

Major (MAJ) Abu Bakar Bin Abdillah Alkatib

Major (MAJ) Abu Bakar Bin Abdillah Alkatib 
SAF Academic Scholarship

S3 (Operations and Training Officer), 9th Singapore Infantry Regiment (9 SIR)

“There can be no greater reward than knowing your cadets would go on to lead their men with conviction, sincerity and humility.”

Currently as the Operations and Training Officer in the 9th Battalion Singapore Infantry Regiment, he is responsible for designing the latest training pedagogy to ensure soldiers are trained with the most current and relevant skills to combat threats that are constantly evolving. MAJ Abu elaborates, “As our unit is involved in the protection of key installations in Singapore, it is important to keep up to date with the terrorist attacks that are occurring around the world, and draw lessons to be employed in our training models."

He added that a career in the SAF involves regular change in appointments and exposure to new fields. “One year I may find myself in a command role, and the next year I may be part of a planning department as part of my staff tour. These rotations in job scopes enable the expansion of knowledge as well as the ability to look at things from multiple perspectives.”

“What we do in the SAF is for the good of our families, friends and the nation, and never for personal gain. If you are up for a life of excitement, a dynamic work environment and opportunities to serve, the SAF is the place for you,” he concludes.