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Engineering Smart Solutions for Real-World Challenges

ST Engineering leads the way in technology, defence, and engineering on a global scale. Its success stems from the continual development of its people to tackle real-world challenges and enhance lives. Scholars Clara-Ann Cheng Ling and Wu Tong continuously explore uncharted territories to engineer solutions that make a profound impact.
ST Engineering

Left: Clara-Ann Cheng Ling works as an Engineer in Advanced Networks and Sensors at ST Engineering. She is a recipient of the ST Engineering Overseas Scholarship and has a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Cambridge.

Right: Wu Tong is a Manager in Commercial Structuring at ST Engineering. He is a recipient of the ST Engineering Overseas Scholarship and graduated with a Bachelor of Economics from Tsinghua University.

Since its inception as an ammunition manufacturer in 1967, ST Engineering has evolved into a global technology, defence and engineering group with a diverse portfolio across various segments including Commercial Aerospace, Smart City & Digital Solutions, and Defence & Public Security.

In this dynamic landscape, ST Engineering Overseas Scholars Clara-Ann Cheng Ling and Wu Tong epitomise the diversity and myriad opportunities within the company.

Clara-Ann, an Engineer in Advanced Networks and Sensors at ST Engineering, holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Cambridge. Wu Tong is a Manager in Commercial Structuring at ST Engineering, he graduated with a Bachelor of Economics at Tsinghua University.

Passion-fuelled Pathways

Wu Tong was first drawn to ST Engineering for its robust technical prowess and expansion into the Chinese market, which aligned with his project financing and investment aspirations. “I knew that ST Engineering had strong technical abilities across multiple industries, and it was expanding into the Chinese market back then. Hence, I believed it would offer me valuable experience working in China under a local Singaporean brand.”

Conversely, Clara-Ann’s passion for engineering ignited during her involvement in the Formula 1-in-Schools programme in secondary school. Despite her initial role in marketing for the team, her hands-on experience in designing, fabricating, and prototyping cars kindled her interest in engineering.

Her internship with ST Engineering Land Systems where she worked with the Terrex 8x8, further cemented her passion for mechanical engineering. Reflecting on her internship experience, she shared, “It helped me to contextualise what I was learning and showed me how engineering principles were being applied to solve real-world problems. I received strong mentorship and guidance from my supervisors who inspired me to specialise in mechanical engineering. I returned to my third year of studies with renewed fervour!”


Wu Tong

A Catalyst for Growth

The ST Engineering Overseas Scholarship played a pivotal role in shaping both Clara-Ann and Wu Tong’s academic trajectories. For Wu Tong, the scholarship not only alleviated his financial burden but also provided enriching opportunities. “The scholarship has supported my academic experiences by allowing me to pursue opportunities without financial burden. For instance, during my third year, I had the opportunity to attend an exchange programme at Ivey Business School in Canada, a renowned business school for its finance courses and the experience helped me gain broader perspectives,” he shared.

Finding Joy in Diversity

As a Mechanical Engineer, Clara-Ann specialises in electrical satellite and radio frequency systems. Her role involves multifaceted project contributions, from material sourcing to prototyping and testing. Her engineering degree serves as the bedrock for her professional endeavours, allowing her to seamlessly apply a spectrum of skills and knowledge. “I am able to apply my skills and knowledge across materials, mechatronics, and manufacturing engineering in my daily work,” she said.

Beyond her core technical duties, Clara-Ann plays an integral role in various initiatives across ST Engineering. Notably, she was involved in the Secretariat Committee for Innotech, the annual technology conference hosted by the company. In her role, Clara-Ann collaborated closely with the Steering Committee, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience for all conference participants.

“No two days are alike at ST Engineering and that’s what makes our work exciting,” she enthused.

Similarly, Wu Tong juggles diverse work streams each day. As a Manager in ST Engineering’s Commercial Structuring division, he handles intricate deal structures for Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects, primarily focusing on smart city infrastructure and mobility spaces. These projects involve collaboration between the government and private entities, entailing comprehensive oversight from project design to financing, operations, and maintenance. His responsibilities encompass deal origination, partner engagement, due diligence, project viability assessment, project documentation review, and financial modelling.

Wu Tong finds immense fulfilment in his work despite the complexities of his role. He reminisced a particularly rewarding experience centred around a street lighting PPP project that brought him to Abu Dhabi. This project culminated in the successful assembly and submission of the bid, marking a significant milestone. He excitedly shared, “It was an amazing experience for me as it was the first international bid that we pulled through for the PPP Group!”


Clara-Ann Cheng Ling

Envisioning Impact

As Clara-Ann and Wu Tong look forward to more exciting challenges, their aspiration is to drive meaningful impact through their endeavours. “I hope to bring value to the people that I work with and the customers that I am serving – by thoughtfully designing systems, big and small,” Clara-Ann remarked.

Similarly, Wu Tong resonates with this sentiment, underscoring his projects’ focus on providing technological solutions to neighbouring countries. “These are projects and technologies that will bring real impact to citizens by improving their quality of life.”

For aspiring ST Engineering scholarship recipients, the experiences of Wu Tong and Clara-Ann offer invaluable insights into the varied learning opportunities that await them.

For Wu Tong, despite coming from a finance and economics background, working in ST Engineering has offered him many opportunities for growth and development. “ST Engineering’s businesses are so diverse, there is a multitude of possibilities here and the breadth of exposure could be across multiple industries. For those with technology or engineering backgrounds, you will have opportunities to work on frontier technologies such as AI, 5G and robotics with a strong pipeline of projects from defence or commercial sectors,” he said.

Clara-Ann further added, “Given the breadth of the work that ST Engineering does – I am sure that anyone interested in an ST Engineering scholarship will be able to find their corner of the sky. There is well-rounded HR support, mentorship, and training and upskilling opportunities.”