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Sowing Seeds of Sustainability

National Parks Board Overseas Undergraduate Scholar Judith Soh Xiu Hui has been helping to contribute to the national vision of transforming Singapore into a City in Nature. Her goal? To safeguard more green spaces and support meeting the needs of current and future generations of Singaporeans.
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Judith Soh is a recipient of the NParks Overseas Undergraduate Scholarship. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Forest Sciences) from the Australian National University and is currently Senior Manager of Park Planning at NParks.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is often easy to feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, agencies like the National Parks Board (NParks) are intensifying greenery and restoring more naturalistic landscapes into the city, including therapeutic gardens and nature playgardens. These efforts not only bring nature and its associated health benefits closer to people, but also facilitate the growth of a liveable, sustainable and climate-resilient nation.

As Senior Manager of Policy and Planning at NParks, Judith analyses development proposals and works alongside other stakeholders and public agencies to explore options in injecting more parks and greenery into our urban fabric. Her responsibilities encompass helping to develop innovative solutions for climate, social and ecological resilience, while managing land requirements to ensure a sustainable urban landscape. To do so, she utilises software like ArcGIS which aids her in spatial analysis and informs her planning decisions. She also works with colleagues from other NParks divisions such as the National Biodiversity Centre, Parks Development, Design, Parks and Streetscape, to better understand site conditions including terrain and explore opportunities for integration with adjacent developments.

Since she was young, Judith’s fascination with natural landscapes and life forms steered her towards a career with NParks.

“This interest shaped my choices in terms of the subjects that I wanted to study and led me to apply for the NParks Overseas Undergraduate Scholarship,” she shared. “NParks has helped me understand the wide-ranging possibilities of conservation work and given me opportunities to gain on-the-ground, practical insights into how we manage greenery in an urban city-state such as Singapore in the context of climate change.”

“One of the aspects of Park Planning that I have been enjoying so far includes envisioning how recreational connections could look like on the ground, and how to create enjoyable and meaningful experiences for park users (including myself)!” Judith Soh Xiu Hui

A Transformational Journey in Greening Spaces

The NParks Overseas Undergraduate Scholarship presented Judith with a gateway to pursue a Bachelor of Science at the Australian National University.

“I am grateful for the opportunity for an overseas university education. Under the NParks Undergraduate Scholarship, I was able to focus on my studies and gain valuable experiences through field studies and field trips to the diverse landscapes of Australia,” she reflected.

Delving into ecology and climate change through her academic endeavours played a pivotal role in shaping her contributions at NParks. “My studies not only focused on environmental concepts and issues but also challenged me to delve deeper into the social and ethical aspects of climate change. This has proven immensely relevant in my work at NParks and its City in Nature Vision,” she explained.

Judith Soh Xiu Hui

Judith Soh Xiu Hui

Empowered for Impact

In her current work within the Policy and Planning division, Judith safeguards green spaces through the reviewing of land-use proposals to support Singapore’s development needs.

“One of the aspects of Park Planning that I have been enjoying so far includes envisioning how recreational connections could look like on the ground, and how to create enjoyable and meaningful experiences for park users (including myself)!”

Before joining the Policy and Planning division, Judith was a Media Manager within the Communications and Community Engagement (CCE) division, where her responsibilities encompassed managing integrated communications plans for NParks’ issues and crises, crafting media releases and factsheets, addressing media inquiries, and curating content for events, collaterals and social media. The skills and expertise gained during her three-year stint with CCE have been invaluable in communicating with stakeholders and garnering support for our City in Nature vision and her work as a Park Planner.

Indeed, Judith finds fulfilment in the tangible, positive impacts of the work at NParks, and in the diversity of experiences and networks NParks offers, fostering collaborations across divisions and agencies.

She reflected, “These roles have helped me appreciate the growing challenges that the current and future generations face in the context of increasing urbanisation and climate change impacts.”

For students aspiring to join NParks, Judith advises, “NParks as an organisation offers opportunities, exposure, and a supportive network for anyone aspiring to pursue a career in nature conservation. What I love most is the passion and camaraderie of the people in NParks. Their willingness to share and learn together makes NParks an open and welcoming place to work in!”