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Carving a Caring Career from the Heart

Healthcare Scholar Akshayapriya D/O Silvasamy drew inspiration from her parents to discover her calling in nursing. As a Staff Nurse at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, she is cultivating a career deeply rooted in compassionate care. Her unwavering passion and dedication drive her pursuit of excellence daily, shaping her impactful role in healthcare.
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Akshayapriya D/O Silvasamy is currently a Staff Nurse at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. She is a recipient of the Healthcare Merit Award (offered by MOH Holdings) and holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from SIT.

When it came to choosing her career in nursing, Akshayapriya D/O Silvasamy drew inspiration from her parents who exemplified kindness towards others. Inspired by their selflessness, it sparked her desire to extend compassion and care to those in need.

“I was highly motivated by my mom especially,” she explained. “I have always seen my parents helping a lot of people in many ways and that is where my inspiration stemmed from. My mom believed in me, and consistently envisioned me as a nurse whenever I put the needs of others over mine. A mother’s instinct can never go wrong; she wanted me to be a nurse to help others in need.”

During her secondary school days, Akshaya’s active participation in the St John Brigade made a profound impact on her. Subsequently, the emergence of the SARS outbreak in Singapore marked a pivotal moment for her as a teenager keenly observing the news. Witnessing the impact of the crisis deepened her resolve to serve and support her community during challenging times.

These formative experiences were pivotal in helping Akshaya recognise the multifaceted role nurses embody. For her, nursing transcended conventional clinical duties; it was a profound calling—an avenue to extend compassionate care to others, irrespective of background. Nurses in her eyes, epitomised the essence of healthcare by offering physical aid and crucial emotional support to their patients.

Charting the Path to Nursing Dreams

This realisation ignited Akshaya’s commitment to pursue nursing as her lifelong career. She embarked on her journey, earning a National Institute of Technical Education Certificate in Nursing, followed by a Diploma in Nursing from Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP). Reflecting on her time at NYP, she shared, “NYP gave me the best nursing knowledge and ample hands-on opportunities, allowing me to excel in acquiring practical skills.” Furthermore, while at NYP, Akshaya was honoured to represent the polytechnic as a guest speaker at ITE College East, delivering a motivational speech to graduating nursing students. Akshaya added, “As a representative of NYP and a healthcare scholar, it allowed me to remind the future generation that we have a lot of opportunities and all we need to do is to stay focus and do not give up.”

To further elevate her nursing proficiency, Akshaya pursued a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), supported by the Healthcare Merit Award (offered by MOH Holdings). The scholarship not only alleviated her financial burdens but also complemented her nursing studies.

“When my patient with cancer told me to stay in nursing as I had the capability to create an impact in their life with my cheerful nature, I told myself nursing chose me.” Akshayapriya

Embracing Excellence in Patient Care

As a dedicated Staff Nurse at the bustling Day Surgery Ward in Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), Akshaya adeptly manages a high influx of patient admissions and discharges, overseeing seamless pre-operative assessments and post-operative care in a fast-paced environment. Her responsibilities encompass orchestrating meticulous pre-operative procedures, ensuring strict adherence to fasting protocols, and meticulously documenting patients’ health concerns to facilitate smooth surgical processes.

“When I discharge my patients, it is important that they are clear about the post-operative instructions so that they are confident on how to care for themselves after discharge,” she explained.

Her professional expertise proved instrumental when she swiftly identified a patient’s allergic reaction to a prescribed medication, effectively halting its administration. It highlighted her astute vigilance and adeptness, averting potential complications.

Akshayapriya D/O Silvasamy

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This experience resonated deeply, reinforcing her belief in the perpetual value of learning and its direct application in real-time healthcare settings. This approach has shaped her into a decisive and critical thinker, fostering unwavering confidence in handling emergencies.

Akshaya cherishes her interactions with patients, finding inspiration in their life lessons. Building meaningful connections and positively impacting their lives fills her with immense joy. Her dedication recently earned her heartfelt recognition for receiving the highest number of compliments from her patients.

“When my patient with cancer told me to stay in nursing as I had the capability to create an impact in their life with my cheerful nature, I told myself nursing chose me,” she shared thoughtfully.

Akshaya is currently serving in TTSH’s Emergency Department, extending her assistance amid the ongoing Covid-19 cases. She hopes to play a meaningful part in contributing to the nation during this time.

Staying Committed to Growth and Advancement

Driven by a commitment to patient trust and safety, Akshaya constantly strives for excellence. Her ambition transcends personal growth as she aims to acquire an advanced diploma, aspiring to be a clinical instructor to nurture and guide future nursing professionals.

Recognising the challenges in nursing posed by an ageing population, Akshaya passionately emphasises the pressing need for more nurses.

“Given our ageing population, we will need more nurses to cope with the increasing workload. In fact, our nursing leaders have been actively recruiting and retaining more talented nurses,” she said.

Amid her aspirations, Akshaya actively engages in career development programmes such as the Preventing Needlestick Injury project, and the Preceptorship course. These initiatives underscore her commitment to staying updated with industry advancements.

While the workload can be demanding, Akshaya always sets aside time to rejuvenate and recharge.

“I set aside some time for self-care and to recharge so that when I am back at work, I can provide the best care for my patients,” she said.

For those considering in a healthcare career, Akshaya offers her inspiring perspective: “To do what nobody else will do, in a way that nobody else can do, despite all we go through; that is to be a nurse. It is not going to be easy, but it is worth it!”