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Advancing Towards a Resilient Energy Future

As a leading utilities group in the Asia Pacific and Singapore’s electricity and gas networks operator, SP Group provides reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy services to businesses and households. Senior Engineer Toby Teo is deeply passionate about contributing to this mission and creating a greener and more resilient energy future.
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Toby Teo Han is a recipient of the SP Mid-Term Scholarship and has a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from NTU. He is a Senior Engineer at SP Group.

In today’s rapidly evolving and environmentally conscious world, the transition to sustainable energy sources is imperative. SP Group (SP) is committed to driving a low carbon, smart energy future for its customers in Singapore and the region.

As the operator of Singapore’s electricity and gas networks, SP is instrumental in shaping the nation’s energy landscape as we integrate more renewable energy sources into the power grid. SP Mid-Term Scholarship recipient Toby Teo is part of the team that upholds the grid’s reliability and strengthens the grid’s resilience. With an Engineering degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Nanyang Technological University, Toby is now a Senior Engineer at SP. His responsibilities include leading a group of technical officers and technicians providing electricity supply to customers.

We delve into Toby’s work and his role in advancing Singapore towards a more resilient energy future.

What led you to discover your passion for engineering?

The fact that electricity is the invisible force that powers our everyday life, and yet it is taken for granted, has always intrigued me. Furthermore, Mathematics and Physics were consistently my stronger school subjects throughout my school years, so engineering was a natural choice of studies.

That makes sense! What motivated you to apply for this scholarship?

I did a 10-week internship with SP as an undergraduate. The stint opened my mind to the massive and complex power grid that provides highly reliable electricity supply to households and businesses in Singapore.

I was attached to the work in Distribution Network, where I learnt the fundamentals of grid operations and maintenance. The engineers and technical officers at SP were always patient when explaining engineering concepts. They brought me to their work sites to get first-hand experience of the practical applications. This included equipment maintenance, supply restoration during any interruption, and the location of cable faults. This experience really propelled me to apply for the scholarship and kickstart my career in the energy industry.

“With the trend of integrating renewable energy into the energy mix, I hope to venture into the field of sustainability, become a technical expert, and mentor younger engineers.” Toby Teo Han

How did the scholarship support your university education?

My academic experience was elevated after forming a study group with the other scholarship recipients I had met. We gathered after classes to share study resources and discuss difficult engineering concepts. Some of us also worked together on laboratory work for our Final Year Project. We became good friends and are now colleagues at SP!

Can you elaborate on your roles and responsibilities at work?

I am currently a Senior Engineer with the Customer Projects (West) team. My work includes commissioning the electrical substations in the western part of Singapore. We conduct daily toolbox meetings and worksite inspections to ensure the work is carried out safely. We work with a wide range of customers, from local authorities to Multinational Corporations (MNCs) and private developers, to understand their electricity needs and meet their business objectives. These projects include building electrical substations for new Built-To-Order flats, condominiums, and industrial buildings.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we even had to commission substations to serve the temporary dormitories for foreign construction workers. These projects were time-critical to ensure proper isolation facilities for those who were infected, as quickly soon as possible.


Toby Teo Han

How were you able to apply what you learnt to your work?

Understanding the basic concepts of power systems gave me a good head start when I embarked on my initial role as an Electrical Engineer with the Customer Projects team. With an increasing demand for harvesting solar energy in Singapore, we received an increasing number of requests from customers interested in setting up solar farms. I assisted my customer in providing advice, from application process to technical calculations, during the installation of solar panels. This is to maintain the network reliability, while integrating renewable energy into our grid.

Tell us more about the work culture at SP.

At SP, there are consistent efforts to promote learning and collaboration. SP also devotes resources to giving back to the community and there is a strong culture of staff volunteerism. In a year-long appointment, I was part of the staff recreation and wellness team, organising regular activities for our colleagues. My role was to linkup with various interest groups such as tennis, soccer, basketball, and sepak takraw and assist them in planning weekly trainings and in-house competitions. It served as a platform for us to strengthen camaraderie among colleagues from various business functions.

I also participated in a volunteer event run a digital clinic for elderly residents and help them assimilate into today’s digital world. Being able to see their faces light up as we helped them with digital literacy still makes my day.

Safety is also ingrained in our work culture. We actively look out for one another and ensure everyone goes home safely at the end of each workday.

That’s remarkable! What do you hope to achieve in your career?

I want to remain relevant and achieve self-improvement in today’s dynamic energy transition. With the trend of integrating renewable energy into the energy mix, I hope to venture into the field of sustainability, become a technical expert, and mentor younger engineers.

What advice do you have for people who are thinking of joining SP?

Fresh graduates with Electrical or Mechanical Engineering degrees can apply for the Engineering Graduate Development (EDGE) Programme at SP. They will go through customised structured training programmes which comprise a series of e-learning, classroom training and on-the-job training to accelerate learning in various functions. They can also gain exposure to other departments, including overseas training opportunities!

If you enjoy technical challenges and wish to shape the future of the grid, join us in empowering the future of energy!