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Building a Sustainable Tomorrow

In today’s world, caring for our environment is of paramount importance given its vulnerability. This heightened awareness has ignited a passion in individuals toward sustainability in their everyday lives. We speak to youths who share their conscious efforts in safeguarding the environment, recognising how their small acts lead to a big impact.
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Qian Qingyi

“At an individual level, I think my actions taken towards sustainability have miniscule effects. However, considering I represent a social group with similar backgrounds and my daily choices are indicative of how they will usually act as well, I believe my choices have the potential to have a great impact in the long run. If my choices are more environmentally friendly, it will influence some in my social circle to go more eco-friendly too.

I have been consciously throwing recyclables into the correct bin and also reusing the back of the printed papers as rough paper. In fact, I have brought a stack of rough paper I had collected to my previous reservist instead of contributing to more unnecessary waste.”
- Qian Qingyi

Aye Mya Mya Toe

“As someone who works in a PR agency, I used to mostly rely on Grab/TADA for my commutes, considering that my line of work requires me to go to countless meetings and events. Things like media materials also have to be printed out, and it often uses a lot of paper. As a result, I didn’t used to be the most environmentally friendly person. However, I’ve been able to reevaluate my carbon footprint and am looking forward to making lasting changes and incorporating it into my everyday life i.e., switching to online materials, recycling more, opting for sustainable brands, etcetera.

For now, I try to bring my own water to events and meetings in my reusable water bottle. I also try to cut down on plastic wastage by refusing plastic bags when I order food from hawker centres and restaurants.”
- Aye Mya Mya Toe

Shamitha Segaran

“I think when it comes to our daily habits – from taking a shower to commuting, ordering food and buying groceries and household items - they accumulatively impact our environment in varying degrees. Be it using sustainable resources or choosing the greener option, I strive to make little contributions where possible. For example, I choose to use my own bag for groceries rather than using plastic bags. I also use my own cutlery for my takeout rather than plastic cutleries. Recently I’ve also been exploring skincare routines that are environmentally conscious and organic. It’s the little things that we can do that can build up to a more effective response to a more sustainable lifestyle and environment.”
– Shamitha Segaran

Teo Jing Yi

“Being aware of the daily choices we make with regard to sustainability helps to significantly reduce our carbon footprint. For instance, opting to either bring food from home or to bring takeaway back to the office in reusable containers instead of using one-time-use plastic containers can help make a huge difference. Similarly, opting to bring water from home in reusable water bottles instead of purchasing water in one-time usage plastic bottles and even unplugging devices and turning off power outlets when not in use are just some of the things we all can do to promote positive and sustainable habits.”
– Teo Jing Yi

Nur Atikah Razali

“I learned that every little thing I do adds up when it comes to making sustainable choices. I’ve started to change my daily routine, slowly but surely. The first thing that comes to mind is that I’ve stopped using plastic water bottles and have instead started using a reusable one. I use my tote bag when I’m shopping instead of plastic bags, as well. Taking public transportation instead of a cab can also be really impactful in the long-term.”
– Nur Atikah Razali

Christine Ria Jayaraj

“I believe my daily choices have a direct impact on the environment. Small decisions, such as using reusable items, reducing single-use plastics, and being mindful of energy consumption, can collectively contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.

I’ve also consciously made changes to my daily routine in the past year. For example, I’ve embraced public transport to reduce my carbon footprint and have started recycling more diligently. It’s important to me that I do what I can to preserve our planet.”
– Christine Ria Jayaraj

Muhammad Haikal Bin Roslan

“Every single one of the choices we make can influence the environment because of its delicate state. Recognising this, I have made deliberate choices to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. I’ve become more interested in adhering to efficient recycling practices and have developed a preference for reusable items. I’ve also been looking into supporting more sustainable brands when I’m buying clothes. These tiny lifestyle adjustments can create a ripple effect and, eventually, help foster a stronger, more resilient environment for all of us.”
– Muhammad Haikal Bin Roslan