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Charting Air Travel’s Sustainable Future

Changi Airport has always held a special place in scholar Tay Xi Teng’s heart. Growing up in the vicinity of East Coast, Xi Teng loved to visit the airport just to catch a view of planes taking off and landing. When the opportunity arose for him to be part of the team that oversees the world’s most acclaimed airport, he seized it without a moment’s hesitation. He is determined to uphold the exceptional standards that CAG has consistently delivered.
Charting Air Travel’s Sustainable Future

Tay Xi Teng is a CAG Undergraduate Scholar and is currently pursuing Political Science at Swarthmore College in the United States.

Changi Airport Group (CAG) is the driving force behind the growth and development of Singapore Changi Airport. Since its humble beginnings in 1981, Changi Airport has risen to become one of the world’s best airports, recognised with over 670 awards to date. Beyond being a top-notch aviation hub, Changi Airport is also an unforgettable destination for locals and visitors, offering a dazzling trove of entertainment, dining, and retail options.

With a fervent passion for aviation and a strong commitment to driving sustainability efforts, CAG Undergraduate Scholar Tay Xi Teng is excited to join this dynamic organisation that is redefining the future of air travel for Singapore. Xi Teng is currently pursuing a degree in Political Science at Swarthmore College in the United States. He looks forward to embarking on a promising career journey with CAG upon his graduation.

What motivated you to apply for the CAG Undergraduate Scholarship?

Being an aviation enthusiast ever since I was young, I loved to visit Changi Airport just to catch a glimpse of planes taxiing, taking off and landing. As I grew up, I started to appreciate the pivotal role of Changi Air Hub in Singapore’s economy and went on to develop a strong sense of purpose in joining CAG, the team that creates magical journeys for fellow Singaporeans and warmly welcomes our visitors to our homeland. So, I was thrilled when I was offered the CAG Undergraduate Scholarship as it meant that I am one step closer to making my dream a reality!

In fact, CAG’s People Team (Human Resources team) engaged me about my career and educational aspirations throughout the entire scholarship application process to ensure I was certain that CAG is indeed a good fit for me. This further cemented my decision to accept the scholarship as it shows that CAG values its people’s ability to grow and reach their highest potential.

“I look forward to working in an environment that challenges and stimulates me, especially in upholding the exceptional standards that Changi Airport Group has consistently delivered.” Tay Xi Teng

You have done an internship at CAG. Can you tell us more about the work culture there?

Noting that I have a keen interest in environmental sustainability, CAG’s People Team arranged for me to intern with the Regulatory Affairs and Sustainability team, giving me an excellent opportunity to gain exposure to CAG and the aviation industry.

I found the work culture in CAG to be deeply collaborative and friendly where people readily helped one another within and across teams, and on a wide range of projects. They were also very welcoming, allowing me to acclimate to the dynamics of a large organisation like CAG and gain a better understanding of its operational processes.

Tay Xi Teng

Tay Xi Teng

What are some of the most valuable experiences you’ve gained as an undergraduate student at Swarthmore College?

Swarthmore is a liberal arts college. Even though I am majoring in Political Science, I have also enrolled in classes from other departments and was encouraged to try out new areas of interest, such as Computer Science. To my surprise, I performed well enough in Computer Science to become a teaching assistant, running weekly clinics to help other students!

As the saying goes, “You never know what you can do till you try,” I am glad that my undergraduate programme encourages me to push my boundaries and explore new things. Moreover, being away from home and living abroad has made me “know what I don’t know” and broadened my horizons. It also allowed me to learn to be more independent and figure things out on my own.

Tell us about your future career aspirations.

I look forward to working in an environment that challenges and stimulates me, especially in upholding the exceptional standards that CAG has consistently delivered.

Being passionate about sustainability, I hope to contribute to making Changi’s operations more sustainable in areas such as shoring up our climate resilience efforts, adjusting to and adopting new technologies, and reducing our carbon footprint and water usage.

What would you say to someone who aspires to pursue a career with CAG?

CAG offers you a world-class working environment with abundant opportunities to learn and grow. You can look forward to many diverse opportunities across multiple business units where you can enhance your professional and management skills. Be proactive in your learning and development and you can reach your highest potential with CAG.