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Charting Paths of Promise for Future Leaders

The Singapore Industry Scholarship is tailored to nurture promising young Singaporeans, empowering them to make impactful contributions in strategic sectors. As recipients of this award, scholars Ang Wei Xiang and Chow Yun Hui Dilys are driven to make their mark in their respective industries.

Left: Ang Wei Xiang is a SgIS Full-Term Scholar and has a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronics Engineering) from NTU. He now works at Murata Electronics Singapore (Pte.) Ltd as a Product Development Engineer.

Right: Chow Yun Hui Dilys is a Management Associate at RE&S. She is a SgIS Mid-Term Scholar and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from NUS.

With a strong focus on developing the next generation of talent, the Singapore Industry Scholarship aims to groom the next generation of leaders, developing their core skills and competencies through internships and professional development. Among this cohort of SgIS awardees are Ang Wei Xiang and Chow Yun Hui Dilys, emerging as promising professionals brimming with potential.

Wei Xiang is currently the Product Development Engineer at Murata Electronics Singapore (Pte.) Ltd, leading the charge in designing, executing, and analysing design reviews for new products. He obtained a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from NTU.

On the other hand, Dilys holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from NUS. She is a Management Associate at RE&S, a distinguished F&B company, where she plays a pivotal role in providing direct support to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

We chat with them to explore their motivations for choosing SgIS and how their shared passion propels them towards creating a brighter future.

What drew you to your respective organisations?

Wei Xiang: My interest was sparked by a combination of curiosity and a desire to create something out of nothing to bring convenience to people’s lives. Since young, I have always been fascinated by how different electronic devices can improve people’s lives. This fascination turned into a passion as I dived deeper into the field through my academic studies and work at Murata.

Dilys: RE&S’ Japanese food street has been a place close to my heart as it was a frequent hangout spot for my friends and family growing up. I have been interested in Japanese culture and food since young. The combination of my two greatest interests has led me here.

Interesting! What made you apply for the SgIS?

Wei Xiang: I opted to apply for this scholarship due to its flexibility it offers in expressing my interests in various companies, which appealed to me. Moreover, the extensive list of companies under SgIS provides me with more interview opportunities across different sectors.

Dilys: As the only multi-industry scholarship in partnership with the Singapore government, SgIS appealed to me as the numerous participating organisations allow a wide scholars’ network. I learned a lot about SgIS through the sharing by many scholars on BrightSparks Magazine and SgIS’s active online presence on social media, managed by its very own scholars. Having witnessed how enriching and fulfilling the SgIS experience was, I was excited to apply!

Tell us about your university experience. How has the scholarship supported you in your academic endeavours?

Wei Xiang: I had significant concerns about university fees before receiving the scholarship. The scholarship not only provided financial assistance but also offered accommodation on campus, significantly reducing my commuting time. Additionally, allowances for a laptop and monthly living expenses, have been incredibly beneficial.

Dilys: The scholarship allowed me to focus all my attention and efforts on my academic journey and passions in school, as I did not have to worry about the financial burden of expensive school fees and the tedious job-hunting experience. I was also able to easily make the decision to join a semester-long exchange programme and an overseas volunteering trip.

That sounds like it was incredibly beneficial! Tell us more about how you have been able to use your academic experience at your job thus far.

Wei Xiang: The hands-on experience and practical projects throughout my university years have proven to be invaluable, offering real-world exposure and honing crucial problem-solving, teamwork, analytical, and project management skills that are essential in my current job.

Dilys: The foundational knowledge gained in business school, such as accounting, marketing, and management principles, has been vital in my current role. I routinely apply these core concepts to analyse business data and present ideas and data for presentations. The group-oriented coursework in business school provided a solid foundation for collaborative work. This has allowed me to be an effective team player and adapt to diverse demographics at work.

Could you elaborate on your roles with your respective organisations?

Wei Xiang: As a Product Development Engineer, my key responsibilities include designing, executing and analysing design reviews of new products based on customers’ interests. I also communicate with and maintain relations across the other Research and Development (R&D) departments in other factories and simulate new product designs using software and collect customer feedback.

A typical workday involves project planning, collaborative design and development, prototype testing, problem-solving, documentation, and continuous learning to contribute to the innovation and improvement of products and processes.

Dilys: As a Management Associate, my role is to assist the CEO. Every day has been different and dynamic. My tasks so far include helping the CEO formulate business plans, performing data analysis to form business insights and developing communication materials for corporate and board meetings. I have also actively joined upper management meetings and external meetings to understand more about how the business is being run.

Fascinating! Wei Xiang, what obstacle have you faced at work, and how did you overcome it?

The main challenge that I am currently facing is the language barrier when communicating with different R&D departments. I’ve managed to overcome this by acquiring basic Japanese through one of Murata’s learning workshops. Additionally, my superior conducts monthly Japanese lessons for my team while I dedicate my free time to furthering my understanding.

Dilys, tell us what you feel is the most meaningful aspect of your job.

I find the most meaning in my work through my genuine passion for the F&B industry. Food is an important aspect of every Singaporean’s life. The opportunity to learn in such detail about the F&B industry aligns greatly with my interests. I hope to one day play an influential role in the industry.

Finally, any words of wisdom for those aspiring to apply for the SgIS?

Wei Xiang: I highly recommend conducting comprehensive research and delving into the industries, sponsoring organisations, and job scopes that align with your interests. If these resonate with your career goals and aspirations, seize the opportunity.

Dilys: There are plenty of opportunities in SgIS, given the large number of sponsoring organisations. Look through the organisations carefully and find a company whose values relate to you. Do not be afraid to showcase your true self so that you can find a position that is most suited to you!