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A Socially-Conscious Education

At the Singapore University of Social Sciences, Bryan Lim receives more than just an education in finance. Thanks to its holistic pedagogy, he has blossomed into a self-directed student, a lifelong learner, and a socially-conscious individual who gives back to the community.

Bryan Lim is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Finance with Minor in Business at Singapore University of Social Sciences and he is expected to graduate in 2023. He is looking to carve out a successful career in FinTech.

Abuzzword in recent years, FinTech's relevance has risen alongside the advancement of digital technology and we see FinTech increasingly applied across varied industries, businesses and even in our everyday lives.

Witnessing the tremendous potential in FinTech, Bryan had his eyes set on a career in this upcoming field. To reach his goal, the 24-year-old decided to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Finance with Minor in Business at SUSS.

A Head Start in Finance

Bryan's interest in finance started in secondary school where he learnt how investments can help to offset the consequences of inflation. That interest eventually led him to pursue a Diploma in Banking and Financial Services at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

As part of the team that organised the Singapore FinTech Festival during his internship with the Monetary Authority of Singapore, his interaction with FinTech companies further ignited his passion for the subject.

"I was able to see and experience how Singapore continues to be a global financial hub through its innovations and collaborations. As we continue to grow in this digital economy, the financial industry continues to excite me through its innovations, allowing us to reach a wider community and provide opportunities for those who were previously unserved. I feel the finance industry is one that helps to fulfil the financial aspirations of others, allowing them to achieve their goals," shared Bryan.

Bryan Lim

Bryan Lim

Head, Heart and Habit

In search of a place that could develop the skills needed for him to excel in finance, Bryan prioritised SUSS over the other Autonomous Universities (AU) in Singapore because of its comprehensive syllabus, rigorous curriculum, as well as the values that SUSS instils in its undergraduates.

"What stood out for me was SUSS' core philosophy of Head, Heart and Habit, values which I strongly believe in," asserted Bryan.

"As Singapore's first institute for lifelong learning, I believe that it will equip me with the relevant skills, allowing me to adopt a growth mindset in this ever-changing environment. Beyond equipping students with the academic knowledge, SUSS also ensures that students make their mark in the community."

One of the soft skills advocated at SUSS is independent learning, evident in the manner in which lessons are taught.

"Modules are conducted across a span of six weeks and include quizzes which we complete beforehand. This really pushes me to be a self-directed learner and has changed my learning approach from depending solely on my professors to studying and exploring beyond my textbook. This has cultivated a habit of self-directed learning which can be applied beyond my time at SUSS," he explained.

"Coming to SUSS will equip you with skills beyond your educational journey and to always have a heart for the community in whatever you do." Bryan Lim

An Active Community Leader

Activities beyond the classroom have also enhanced Bryan's student experience at SUSS tremendously.

The SUSS Scholar is a track curator at the Inter-University Student Leader Forum, a teaching assistant for SUSS' public speaking module, a treasurer for the university's Youth Expedition Programme, and a student leader for many orientation and student programmes, just to name a few.

Expressing his heart for service to the community, Bryan said, "These activities have allowed me to give back to the SUSS community and for us to grow as one SUSS family."

Notably, Bryan is the founding president of the SUSS FinTech Interest Group.

"My inspiration came from seeing how SUSS is really focused in this area. Beyond our curriculum where FinTech modules are taught, the university has a dedicated team of faculty members who work closely with the industry," said Bryan.

Case in point: SUSS raises its commitment to deliver high-quality research, public education, and policy advocacy for inclusivity in the FinTech sector for the benefit of society by establishing the Node for Inclusive Fintech (NiFT) and the SUSS Inclusive FinTech Fund.

Reflecting SUSS' 3H philosophy of Head, Heart and Habit, NiFT draws its expertise from selected faculty members across SUSS' five schools and their collective publications and programmes so that students like Bryan can continually hone their FinTech-related skills through seminars, conferences and workshops organised by NiFT. At the same time, the fund aims to support FinTech and blockchain initiatives that meet the university's objective to bridge academia and industry, and harness the potential of blockchain technology to bring about financial integration and inclusion for the greater good of society.

"With the continual support from faculty members, I was inspired to start a platform where SUSS students could grow and learn together in a safe environment," he replied, when asked on the objectives of the SUSS FinTech Interest Group. "By doing so, I hope to connect like-minded individuals to initiate projects and collaborate with industry players to make our mark on society."

Making His Mark for the Greater Good

It is quite evident from his co-curricular activities and career aspirations that Bryan is driven by a greater purpose, which is to serve the masses using his skills and knowledge.

"As the financial industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, I hope to be able to give back to the student community through various means such as mentorship, to better equip and prepare students to excel in this industry," he shared. "It's not just about receiving, but to also give back whenever you can – that's the SUSS spirit."