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Tips from Scholars

Scholars are the new generation of leaders, and they lead by example in the environmental field as well. We asked for their favourite sustainability tips, and were pleasantly surprised – these simple, everyday actions have a big impact on preserving our Earth. So take a leaf or two from the big collection here, and live that greener life!
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"I spent five years volunteering with Ground-Up Initiative (GUI), a non-profit organization that aims to reconnect people and nature. Being around people who care deeply about nature and the world around us really inspired me to be more mindful about my impact on the environment."
- Pei Lun, MaritimeONE Scholarship, PSA

ST Eng

"There are a few ways I try to live a more sustainable lifestyle, by reducing meat consumption, growing my own produce, going paperless, bringing my own grocery bags, and more."
- Celine, ST Engineering Overseas Scholar


"Going green is not always an easy task. I started my journey to a more sustainable or eco-conscious lifestyle by going the paperless route. I started this journey by first choosing to receive letters and bills over email and only printing documents if necessary. I have also asked shops to email me the receipt instead of printing it off."
- Amalina, Education Merit Scholar, MOE


"I realized that I needed to do something to cut down on my takeaway box usage, because of the pollution problem that stems from these non-recyclable packaging. I started to bring my own metal containers when I go out to pack meals. I think it is a small adjustment that we can all make to help to reduce plastic wastes."
- Lee Sheng Kiat, OCBC Regional Undergraduate Scholar


"Bring your own tumbler! I always bring my own tumbler when I get my morning coffee and it has saved so many paper/plastic cups."
- Zhi Hao, CNB Local Merit Scholar


"I have been actively recycling and reusing my trash. While I initially did not know the purpose behind my actions, I got exposed to more information about the environment as I grew older. Subsequently, I also adopted other methods to reduce my own carbon footprint, such as bringing my own containers to purchase food and opting to purchase secondhand instead of new clothes."
- Glenna Pao, SIT Scholar


"I used to always leave my handphone charger plugged in and turned on even when I was not charging my handphone. However, after specialising in power engineering, I understood why there would still be losses in the transformer in the charger if left on. Since then, I have been turning off my chargers when they are not in use."
- Zheng Yang, LTA Overseas Undergraduate Scholar (Mid-term)


"Small lifestyle changes like thrifting clothes, using a reusable cup and bag can have a collective impact!"
- Deborah Tan, PA Scholar


"Sustainability is an important issue of our time. We can all do our part by taking small steps in our everyday lives. One useful tip is that DBS bank actually recently launched a tool on their banking app to track our carbon footprint based on our expenditure!"
- Nicholas, Smart Nation Scholar, IMDA


"Whenever I want/need to buy an item, I will first scroll Carousell and/or other thrift shops to see if the item is being sold secondhand by someone. Most pre-loved items are in good condition, and I love supporting the idea of extending the lifespan of items as much as possible; best if they never have to reach the landfill!"
- Tan Li Lin, NLB Undergraduate Scholar


"I would always bring two of my favorite tote bags (which I will fit into my handbag or backpack) whenever I go shopping so as to reduce plastic bag wastage. I do hope that more people would have a similar perspective to reduce single-use plastic bags usage."
- Fiona Lim, MOHH-Healthcare Merit Award recipient, NHG


"One of the easiest sustainable living practices for me is to minimise my use of new plastic bags by bringing my own foldable cloth bag! I always carry at least one cloth bag with me wherever I go, as I never know when I might buy something!"
- Rachel Tan, NParks Undergraduate Scholar


"In my previous role in the Cities of Tomorrow R&D Programme, I was involved in developing the approval papers to obtain research funds, as well as coordinating the overall R&D strategy. This has pushed my family and I to always keep a couple of spare recycled plastic bags/ tote bags on hand, to reduce our usage of plastic bags, collect greywater for reuse, as well as to begin food composting at home!"
- Pei Lin, HDB Undergraduate Scholar


"I have inculcated a habit of gathering electronic waste and sending it for proper disposal at electronic waste collection points. Being in an industry that uses a lot of electrical components, I feel compelled to ensure devices are disposed properly so they can be recycled for other uses."
- Liang Yuan, SgIS Scholar, SP Group