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Advancing Singapore's Energy Future

SP Group prides itself on its world-class network reliability and expanding suite of renewable and sustainable energy solutions, empowering the future of energy for Singapore and the region.
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Lim Liang Yuan - Executive Engineer for Projects at SP PowerGrid, is a SgIS Full-Term Scholar with a Bachelor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from NTU.

SP Group (SP) is a household name in Singapore and the region, and a powerhouse providing energy solutions for businesses and consumers alike.

The organisation also drives the adoption of green energy alternatives. It envisions a future of low carbon, smart energy solutions through technological innovation and active engagement with customers and stakeholders.

However, without talented engineers like Lim Liang Yuan, this future might remain merely a dream. That is why SP has invested in him and similar talent to make reliable and sustainable energy not only possible, but readily available to all.

The SgIS Full-Term Scholar spoke with us on empowering the future of energy, and what it means for SP and himself.

How did you get interested in electrical engineering?

When I was choosing an area of study during polytechnic, my dad advised me to pursue electrical engineering as he felt that there were many opportunities in this sector. He was with an oil and gas company, and he shared his experience as well as perspectives on the future of the energy sector. I was convinced and so, here I am!

Lim Liang Yuan

Left: Liang Yuan is responsible for assessing and replacing aging underground cables. As engineers like him handle high voltage equipment and cable detection devices, SP Group has implemented a buddy system to keep everyone safe at work.

Right: Liang Yuan uses a cable detection device to locate underground cables for contractors to carry out excavation works. His buddy helps by verifying the cable route on the iPad and also looks out for oncoming traffic.

You started your journey into electrical engineering via the SgIS Scholarship. Why did you decide to take up the scholarship?

I applied for SgIS Scholarship as there were many companies offering scholarships that provided exposure and learning opportunities for new engineers. Furthermore, I had wanted to establish an engineering career in the energy industry.

As you said, there are many companies in partnership with the SgIS Scholarship. What is it about the SP Group stood out to you?

The business of SP is in line with my area of specialisation – clean energy. SP upholds our nation's grid and it is a household name with deep engineering capabilities.

You went on to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering at NTU on the back the SgIS Scholarship. What was your most memorable experience from your university days?

I travelled to Hong Kong University of Science and Technology as part of an overseas exchange programme, partially sponsored by SP. I am grateful for the opportunity to forge many new friendships, professional networks and fully experience the cultural immersion during my three-month stay in Hong Kong.

"SP Group provides a strong foundation to establish your electrical engineering career." Lim Liang Yuan

What sort of support did you receive from SP Group for your studies?

I served a six-month internship at SP's Distribution Network North section within Electricity Operations. During the stint, I experienced first-hand the working culture in SP. The practical exposure to handling high voltage equipment also deepened my understanding of complex engineering theories and I was able put to practice the knowledge I acquired in school.

Tell us more about your current role as an Electrical Engineer in Distribution Projects.

My key responsibilities within the cable team include assessing and replacing aging underground cables across Singapore.

As we operate high voltage equipment and cable detection devices, we have a buddy system that provides mutual support. We always cross check our work and help each other on-site. It also keeps all of us safe at work.

In addition, the comprehensive training provided during the Engineering Development for GraduatEs (EDGE) Programme equipped us with the knowledge to perform our duties well.

We also learnt that you were part of the Singapore Polytechnic SunSPEC team who participated in the solar car race with SP Group. Tell us more about it.

The SunSPEC solar car race was my polytechnic Final Year Project in 2012 and I was glad to be given the opportunity to witness the race again as an alumni in 2013.

In 2019, SP was one of the key sponsors for SunSPEC 2019. I was tasked as an ambassador to support the team and seek budding talents to join us. During the 30-day trip in Australia, I drove a truck with a trailer and helped with the daily logistics. During the trip, I engaged with students, who were curious about my work experience at SP. It was a memorable and meaningful experience for everyone involved.

What is the work culture at SP Group like?

It is warm and friendly! Everyone is ready to share knowledge, especially when we are coaching junior staff. Having supportive colleagues is truly important as what we do is a high-risk job. Having great colleagues is also helpful when we need to pull long hours during crunch time.

What possibilities are there for people working at SP Group?

The possibilities are endless. There are bountiful learning opportunities to participate in various low carbon and smart energy initiatives as SP embarks on its journey to empower the future of energy!

Lastly, what would you say to convince someone to join SP Group?

SP provides a strong foundation to establish your electrical engineering career. There are no other companies in Singapore that can offer the same amount of exposure to high voltage power engineering. Your mind will be blown by our massive and complex networks!