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Growth Through Diversity

ST Engineering is at the forefront of global technology, defence and engineering trends. As scholars Richie Ling and Celine Phua embark on their learning journey, the diverse projects they take on guarantee an accelerated, dynamic and transformative career.
ST Engineering

Left: Celine Phua is an ST Engineering Overseas Scholarship recipient with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering with Business Finance from University College London. At ST Engineering, she is part of the environmental engineering team working on projects to provide sustainable and innovative solutions to address urbanisation challenges.

Right: Richie Ling - ST Engineering SgIS Scholar, is an Engineer, IEH-Defence Robotics Solutions Centre, Defence and Public Security Land Systems with ST Engineering. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (First Class Honours) in Mechanical Engineering with Minor in Computer Science from NUS and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.

ST Engineering is arguably one of the best places for an engineer to apply his or her passion and expertise in key engineering domains.

The company is at the forefront of global technology, defence and engineering trends, which translate to a wide range of projects and a stunning breadth of roles available. The work within ST Engineering is also multi-faceted, as it encourages its employees to learn about business, marketing and finance in order to better serve its customers.

Richie Ling and Celine Phua were both drawn to the wide range of opportunities within this well-established household name, ST Engineering likewise rewarded their dedication with the ST Engineering SgIS Scholarship and ST Engineering Overseas Scholarship respectively.

Now, they are embracing new frontiers in sustainability, defence and many other disciplines alongside this world-class organisation.

Engineering Connections

For the scholars, engineering was their discipline of choice from the get-go. Richie favoured Mathematics and Science in school, while Celine added her passion for environmental sustainability to that.

They were clear where their passion lies, and BrightSparks magazine further affirmed their thoughts after reading about ST Engineering.

The myriad of businesses in the company, its forward-facing outlook and global presence – all these convinced two aspiring engineers that ST Engineering was the place to be for career growth.

Richie summed it up: "ST Engineering is a large technology and engineering company that has businesses in almost all engineering areas. Here, there are ample opportunities for me to explore my interest and be exposed to different engineering fields. Having the chance to work with like-minded specialists and engineers to tackle a myriad of challenges for customers also played a part in my decision to join ST Engineering."

Richie Ling

Richie Ling

Support for Study

ST Engineering supported the young talents through all the twists and turns of life.

Celine narrated a story where she made the best out of a non-ideal situation: "Though I was originally on a straight master’s degree program in the UK, the company was supportive of my request in pursuing a master’s degree in a different specialisation in the US. Due to the pandemic, classes were moved online which for me, defeated the purpose of doing a post-graduate course where I can network with my course mates. The company then encouraged us to defer my academic pursuit by two years."

"In hindsight, that has proven to be the best decision, as the deferment had given me an appropriate amount of time to work on projects and learn sufficiently in ST Engineering."

Richie enjoyed a thorough grounding in both local and overseas universities.

During his undergraduate studies, the company encouraged him to diversify beyond his field, and with that, he completed a Minor in Computer Science. At that juncture, he wasn’t completely aware of how important it would be in his later work, but ST Engineering clearly saw his potential.

"If engineering is your cup of tea, ST Engineering offers a plethora of opportunities and there is bound to be a role that excites you!" Richie Ling

Celine Phua

Celine Phua

Engineering Real Change

Today, Richie is a robotics systems engineer, responsible for the configuration and integration of unmanned platforms, ranging from subsystems layout to systems architecture. These unmanned systems provide a technological edge on the battlefield and reduce the risks that human soldiers face.

His computer science and robotics modules stand him in good stead here.

"I took several classes in the fields of computer science and robotics which provided me with an understanding of how autonomous systems work. This allowed me to appreciate how different subsystems, mechanical, electrical and software, work together on a robotic platform," he said.

Working together is a large part of Celine’s work as well. As part of the environmental engineering team providing sustainable and innovative solutions to address urbanisation challenges, she counts herself fortunate that ST Engineering allowed a young engineer like herself to participate in large-scale projects.

"I am also fortunate to benefit from vicarious learning in management meetings, as I see some of my micro-level learning playing out on a macro-level," she continued.

"Through this, I affirm the need to develop myself as a multidisciplinary engineer, to be able to bridge engineering knowledge, business expertise and management skills."

"The company encourages young engineers to start in a technical environment, to develop the strong technical core competency needed." Phua Li Ting Celine

Opportunities Abound

ST Engineering inculcates a varied skillset in its young engineers.

"The company encourages young engineers to start in a technical environment, to develop the strong technical core competency needed. This contributes to the foundation of our career, which is necessary, regardless of whether we intend to go into the technical or management track," said Celine.

Richie agreed: "ST Engineering invests heavily in its people by ensuring that engineers are well-equipped with relevant skills and kept updated with the latest technological trends by providing support for training courses and professional seminars."

He also cited the numerous rotational opportunities available, highlighting that it is not uncommon for engineers to take up business development and programme management roles or be assigned to overseas postings in Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East.

Richie concluded: "If engineering is your cup of tea, ST Engineering offers a plethora of opportunities and there is bound to be a role that excites you!"