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The Global Experience

Changi Airport is proud to offer a world-class experience to all who walk through its doors, be they travellers, visitors or employees. Scholar Dorian Christopher Chang can certainly attest to this, as the airport has given him a unique opportunity to stretch his wings.

Dorian Christopher Chang, CAG scholar, is in his first year of Law at the University of Oxford.

With pent-up demand for travel, the outlook of the aviation industry remains positive in the long term. The success of Vaccinated Travel Lanes indicates a worldwide eagerness to get back to holidays and getaway trips.

In its position as a premier aviation hub, Changi Airport Group (CAG) is poised to take centre stage on a global level as it embraces these tides. To accomplish this, this forward-facing company is laying the groundwork by recruiting passionate young talents to its cause and giving them the experience to match.

Dorian Chang is one such individual, having just matriculated in 2021 into the University of Oxford under the CAG Overseas Undergraduate Scholarship. He shared with us his experience, every bit as unique and exciting as any journey into the unknown.

Ready for Takeoff

First off, how did you get interested in our aviation industry?

As a critical lung of Singapore's economy, the aviation industry catalyses business and growth, serving as a springboard for local businesses to venture overseas and welcoming the world to our shores. I knew that I wanted to be part of this dynamic and growing industry, playing my part in connecting our little red dot to the world.

Why CAG, specifically?

The company's ethos – its relentless pursuit of excellence. I wanted to be part of a community that takes immense pride in what they do and is endlessly motivated to redefine what it means to be the world's most awarded airport.

Furthermore, CAG places heavy emphasis on developing every employee holistically, building a strong "Terminal H (Heartware)". CAG encourages scholars to pursue what they are interested in, be it a tailored internship or flexible university course options.

Dorian Christopher Chang

Dorian Christopher Chang

We hear a lot about CAG's selection process. Was there anything that you learnt about CAG during the application?

Through the assessments, I had the opportunity to understand more about the culture and job scope of those working there. It gave me the chance to reflect on my career objectives and alignment of personal values with CAG.

It was also through the application process that I got a glimpse into the inner workings of CAG, and the specific roles that each division plays, allowing me to more comprehensively understand how I can contribute back to the company in the future!

Getting the Foundation

We understand you interned at CAG previously. Can you tell us more about that?

I had the privilege of interning with CAG's Airport Operations Management division. The team I interned with was extremely welcoming, patiently answering all my questions and involving me in multiple ongoing and new projects with them. And despite COVID-19's impact on the aviation sector, there was a strong culture of resilience, always innovating and remaining adaptable no matter the challenge.

"CAG encourages scholars to pursue what they are interested in, be it a tailored internship or flexible university course options." Dorian Chang

Currently, you are in your first year at Oxford. How are you looking to apply what you have learnt at CAG?

I hope to contribute back to CAG by utilising my legal foundation to approach business problems by anticipating and ameliorating regulatory and legal hurdles, especially in an era with uncertain and constantly changing rules. Further, the study of Law cultivates critical thinking and logical analysis. A jurisprudential examination of processes further allows me to consider the issues of the day and contribute a fresh viewpoint. Outside the academic and theoretical sphere, the advocacy skills imparted provide me with a foundation upon which allows me to communicate effectively with CAG's partners and external stakeholders.

Ready to Depart

What opportunities are you looking forward to the most when you start work?

In particular, I am looking forward to being able to contribute in areas of Strategy, Airport Operations Management and Air Hub Development.

But above all, I am excited to be part of CAG's next phase of development with Changi East and contributing to the team that will help to fortify Singapore's position as a global Air Hub in the future.

And are similar possibilities are there for scholars working at CAG?

Of course! CAG has an exceptionally diverse range of career opportunities, from Air Hub Development to Commercial or Engineering to Changi East Development. Depending on each scholar's personal interests and particular niche, there are many ways to contribute to CAG's exciting business units.

Lastly, what advice would you give to aspiring scholars looking to join CAG?

CAG places great emphasis on finding who you are as a person and if you have a strong cultural fit with the organisation. Having a positive, open, and authentic approach to the assessments would definitely place you in a better position to tackle any and all challenges posed!