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With innovation driving the ST Engineering vision, a dynamic career with plenty of growth opportunities gives you the chance to create your own future.
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As a global group specialising in technology, defence, and technology solutions across the aerospace, electronics, land systems, and marine sectors, ST Engineering is well known among its customers for its ability to conceptualise and realise great ideas. Behind these ideas and robust solutions are a team of bright and talented engineers who carve out new solutions to real-life problems, with innovation being at the core of what they do.

To find out what it’s like to be a part of this vision of innovation, BrightSparks met up with two scholars from ST Engineering; Choo Jia Hui, 25, a data analyst who works at the Electronics sector, and Jeremy Tang, 26, an engineer from the Aerospace sector.

What motivated you to pursue a scholarship with ST Engineering?

Jeremy: On the day that the ‘A’ level results got released, BrightSparks came to my school to share scholarship opportunities with us. As I have always been interested in the aerospace industry, I zoomed in on the leading companies in this sector. ST Engineering was one of the companies that caught my attention and so I decided to submit my application. That is how my scholarship journey began.

Choo Jia Hui

Choo Jia Hui 
ST Engineering Overseas Scholar
Data Analyst, ST Engineering, Electronics
Master’s in Electrical & Electronics Engineering
– Imperial College London

Jia Hui: Although Physics was my worst subject, I somehow fell in love with engineering during my university years when I had the opportunity to explore and understand what Physics is really all about, which is solving real-life problems, and developing solutions that are useful in our everyday life.

I chose a scholarship from ST Engineering because it was very different from the others as it focused mainly on engineering. Furthermore, at ST Engineering, one gets to explore all sorts of things, from project work to doing the actual groundwork. I think it is crucial to understand what the groundwork is like to be able to execute a project properly as a Project Manager. You need to understand the full challenges facing the technicians on the ground in order to be an effective leader.

Could you tell us more about your current roles and responsibilities?

Jeremy: My main role involves working with a team of engineers and technicians to convert a passenger aircraft into a cargo aircraft. This involves stripping down its original structure and then strengthening its integrity so that the aircraft can be used to ferry cargo. The work scope is very technical and require hands-on work. During the process, we have to remove the floor panels, so most of the time we are left with only the skeleton of the aircraft. The biggest engineering challenge is cutting out part of the aircraft fuselage and installing a cargo door while having to make sure that everything is still in order.

An aircraft that has been stripped of its interior parts is far cry from what you see when you enter an aircraft as a passenger. Instead of looking comfortable and cosy, the interior can be dirty and oily, and almost bare. It is not often that one gets to see an aircraft in its stripped down state.

Jia Hui: I’m an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer, so I’m currently doing AI-related work for video analytics. I apply machine learning to applications, developing technologies for facial recognition and other stuff from the ground up. It’s a precious experience that none of my friends from university are getting in their current roles.

“I think it is crucial to understand what the groundwork is like to be able to execute a project properly as a Project Manager.” Jia Hui

Jeremy, how has your scholarship helped you to excel at your current role?

Jeremy: I feel blessed to have received this scholarship. I was able to focus on my studies without having to worry about looking for internships to fulfil my university’s requirements, or even to find a job after graduation. During my overseas exchange, I was also able to broaden my horizons and explore different places.

During my internship, I was posted to the aircraft engines department where I learnt how an aircraft engine works and how it helps propel different aircraft platforms depending on their payload. The internship allows me to settle into the deep end of my current role quickly as I am aware of the intricacies and challenges involved when we convert a passenger plane into a freighter.

Jeremy Tang Wei Zhen

Jeremy Tang Wei Zhen 
ST Engineering SgIS Scholar
Engineer, ST Engineering, Aerospace (Engineering Development Centre)
Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace Engineering), First Class Honours
– Nanyang Technological University

Jia Hui, how does ST Engineering help you pursue advances in innovation and technology within your work with machine learning?

Jia Hui: ST Engineering has given me a lot of opportunities and support. The organisation believes in our ideas, and is always open to suggestions. When I suggested trying out new technology that I feel is useful to our work, ST Engineering gave my team the resources needed to embark on this line of research. In fact, my current research focus did not exist until I started working on it with two other colleagues.

“The company is more interested to know how I can fit in with their culture and my passion.” Jeremy

What advice do you have for aspiring scholars who want to pursue a career with ST Engineering?

Jeremy: I honestly believe that grades are not everything in helping one secure a job at ST Engineering. During my interview, I got the sense that they really wanted to get to know me and understand my motivations. The company is more interested to know how I can fit in with their culture and my passion. They are trying to find people who are more holistic, so work on different aspects of your skills, not just your grades.

Jia Hui: I think it helps if you are a down-to-earth person who understands the value of hard work. Even though one may be a scholar at ST Engineering, he or she will still have to work their way up. As such, being willing to learn and being humble are important traits to have. If you are expecting to go in and be a leader right away, this is not the place for you.