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Keeping Ahead Of The Curve

Creating developmental opportunities for students and teachers alike is a key part of the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) strategy to nurture future generations.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) strives to open new doors for students by providing them with a well-rounded learning experience, a task which is carried out by dedicated educators like 32-year-old Fauziah Daud, who display a deep love for guiding future generations.

What motivated you to pursue a scholarship with MOE?

I was looking for a career in the public service, and teaching offered me the chance to have a hand in shaping tomorrow’s citizens to become clear thinkers, and all-round good people. My love for the Humanities and my broader interest in knowledge and learning also made teaching a natural fit. I knew it would allow me to make a contribution while exploring subject disciplines that I enjoyed.

Fauziah Daud

Fauziah Daud 
Level Head (Queenstown Secondary School)
Master of Arts – University of Warwick
Bachelor of Arts, Honours – University of York

How has the scholarship enabled you to excel at your current role?

There are many developmental opportunities provided as part of MOE’s talent management programme. These include milestone courses that help to prepare you for the next stage of your career, events such as kopi sessions that allow you to network with like-minded educators, and dialogue sessions, such as the Brown Bag lunch series, that allow you to interact with the senior management.

Could you share more about your experience working at MOE HQ?

I was lucky to have been a part of teams that knew how to work hard and have fun. My HQ stint gave me more insight into policy planning and the considerations involved in managing different stakeholder needs and issue tensions. Experiencing a different workplace environment also broadened my perspectives on how organisations can be run, how culture is built, and how people should be managed.

What are the responsibilities as the Level Head compared to the responsibilities of a teacher?

Your sphere of influence changes. As Covering Head of Department, I’m invested in the direction and development of a larger group of people. You move from asking, “How can I develop this student,” to asking, “How can I develop my people so that both the individual officer and our students benefit?” In all matters, you need to consider the bigger picture – in curriculum and assessment, in resourcing – there is greater complexity when thinking about how to make things happen.

“A teacher brings her knowledge and experiences to the classroom – your life well-lived, will enrich your students’ learning.” Fauriah

What motivates you to keep going as an educator?

I’m motivated by my own curiosity, as well as the endgame. It’s something special to run into former students and see how they have blossomed into young adults, leading their own lives. I feel heartened whenever I run into them at the theatre or discover that they still make time for a good book. It means that the Literature and English lessons have stuck!

Why should other people choose to apply for MOE scholarships?

If you’re looking for work with meaning and impact, an MOE scholarship opens doors and gives you the chance to then pay it forward by opening doors for numerous others over the course of your career.

Any words of encouragement for aspiring teachers?

Enjoy being where you are now, and be sure to make full use of the time and opportunities each life stage offers. A teacher brings her knowledge and experiences to the classroom – your life well-lived, will enrich your students’ learning.

Learning To Innovate

For those who are looking to gain personal development and international exposure in interdisciplinary training, the Teaching Scholars Programme (TSP) offers a unique opportunity that will fuel your passion for teaching.
Roysmond Sim
Zhen Wei

Roysmond Sim Zhen Wei 
Teacher (Ang Mo Kio Secondary School)
Bachelor of Science (Education), Honours – Nanyang Technological University

The Teaching Scholars Programme (TSP) is part of the existing suite of scholar programmes in NTU. It is a Premier Scholars Programme aimed at preparing tomorrow’s leaders of education who possess the passion and inspiration to inspire, nurture and lead our next generation. We speak to 25-year-old Roysmond Sim, a graduate from the pioneer batch who shares more about the programme.

What motivated you to pursue a scholarship with MOE?

I was looking for a dynamic career that would give me the opportunity to impact lives. I chanced upon the Teaching Internship Programme (TIP) offered by the Ministry of Education (MOE), and thought that being a teacher was a good fit. An internship experience at Montfort Secondary School affirmed my abilities as an educator, as well as my passion for teaching when I realised how much of an impact a teacher can make on his students’ lives.

How did the programme prepare you to become an educator?

On top of providing students with a strong foundation in subject knowledge, it was also focused on developing and nurturing students with a passion for teaching to take on the role of an educator, instead of preparing students just for the general workforce.

In one of the modules, we assessed Singapore’s education system in comparison with other models around the world and debated on how we can improve our local model. This gave me a global perspective of education and enlightened me to possible ways which our own education system can be improved.

Were there any opportunities to gain overseas exposure?

TSP gave me the chance to go for the Semester Exchange Programme (SEP) at San Diego State University and the International Practicum (IP) at Stockholm, Sweden. During SEP, I had the opportunity to not only interact with locals, but also meet exchange students from all over the world. This experience opened my eyes to new perspectives. IP is an exclusive programme for TSP students, where we were given a chance to go to a foreign country to teach for five weeks. IP at Stockholm taught me that teaching can be more than just direct instruction, and that by involving students in the teaching process, it can engage students more effectively and cultivate a genuine love for learning. Although many methods learned overseas might not be directly applicable to the Singapore context, it has definitely increased my repertoire of teaching ideas and made me more equipped for the ever-changing needs of the modern-day classroom.

“At the end, the genuine gratitude of your students will outweigh any extrinsic reward that you can dream of. ” Roysmond

Any words of encouragement for aspiring teachers?

The journey will be tough. Be prepared to spend a lot of time, love, and effort on your students to give them the best education that you can. At the end, the genuine gratitude of your students will outweigh any extrinsic reward that you can dream of. Persevere and learn as much as you can in your journey as a student and bring to the classroom passion for your subject, love for the students, and many exciting stories to share.

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