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Gateway To Industry Opportunities

The diverse opportunities available with the Singapore-Industry Scholarship (SgIS) guarantee that there’s something for you, no matter your passion.

As the only multi-industry scholarship in partnership with the Singapore Government, the Singapore-Industry Scholarship (SgIS) seeks to groom bright minds aspiring to be leaders for tomorrow. By creating a bridge for scholars to enjoy direct access to various industries, SgIS provides a point of convergence for leading organisations in Singapore’s strategic sectors with the next generation of talents.

Through SgIS, scholars are given an opportunity to kick-start their career with one of the sponsoring organisations in Singapore’s strategic sectors. The SgIS Scholars’ Development and Engagement Programme offers a myriad of exciting opportunities that lay a strong foundation for personal and professional growth and development. Scholars also gain access to dialogue sessions and leaders’ forums, where they have the chance to interact with leaders in the public and private sectors, gaining insight into their outlook of industries and career developments.

To understand more about the SgIS journey, we speak to SgIS Scholars Lin Jiani, 24, and Syed Ismail Muhammad Idris, 23.

What made you interested to apply for SgIS?

Idris: I am interested in all the benefits they have. Firstly, SgIS partners with numerous industries, so there is a myriad of choices for me. They also have attractive benefits for the scholarship package, which is more extensive than other scholarship organisations. On top of all these, SgIS offers many personal development and leadership opportunities, which can expand my skills for my profession and character.

Lin Jiani

Photo contributed by Jiani.

Lin Jiani 
SgIS Mid-Term Scholar with CHARLES & KEITH (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Management Associate, CHARLES & KEITH Group
Bachelor of Business Management – Singapore Management University

What is your current role, and how has the SgIS helped your development, Jiani?

Jiani: I am attached to PEDRO, under the CHARLES & KEITH Group, as a Management Associate for Retail Operations. At the moment, I am experiencing the different roles within Retail Operations. I have been assigned as the first-in-charge of a new store in Jewel Changi Airport. The SgIS has helped to widen my exposure and given me the opportunity to experience new things. The journey through the programme has not been easy, and there were many times when

I felt really tired, but these experiences taught me to stretch my limits. Overall, I have gained many invaluable experiences; thanks to the scholarship, I am getting more exposure to industry insights, people management, operations management, and many other aspects of business management.

“Thanks to the scholarship, I am getting more exposure to industry insights, people management, operations management, and many other aspects of business management.” Jiani

What do you enjoy most about the scholarship?

Idris: I have been involved in many of the activities organised, like the leaders forum, where the CEOs of different companies are invited down to share their leadership experience. During these sessions, I can interact with them and get to know more about their company. SgIS internships also give me the chance to return to my sponsoring company and work with them to experience what the job is like. I also enjoy how the scholarship really encourages holistic development; it’s not just your career growth, but also your personal empathy. For instance, the SgIS Scholars’ Network, which is a network run by a committee of scholars, has a programme where you give back to the community. We had a baking session with a senior’s home, and it was enlightening to meet and talk to the seniors.

Jiani: Besides the grant that eases the burden of my school fees, I like the bond and attachment opportunities that give us the opportunity to gain experiences in different industries. Through the whole process, I have gained interesting experiences in my life, some of which I would never have imagined myself having.

Syed Ismail Muhammad Idris

Syed Ismail Muhammad Idris 
SgIS Full-Term Scholar with Systems on Silicon Manufacturing Company Pte Ltd
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering – National University of Singapore

“Know your passion and understand your strengths. Use these to highlight your uniqueness.” Syed Ismail

Do you have any tips for aspiring scholars who want to apply for the SgIS?

Idris: Know your passion and understand your strengths. Use these to highlight your uniqueness. In my case, I have a passion about computer and electronics, which made me build my own computer. Things like that make you stand out from other students who might have the same grades as you. Strive to be the best at what you love.

Jiani: You can do it – if you first give yourself the chance to. I would like to share a motto which I really believe in and has gotten me through many tough times. “Being defeated is often a temporary condition, giving up is what makes it permanent.” This is for all of you out there who might not feel like you are doing well at the moment. As long as you don’t give up, there will always be hope for something better.