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Pursuing A World Of Opportunities In Infocomm Media

With the growth of the Infocomm Media industry comes countless opportunities for dynamic careers where technology and media converge.

The global landscape of the infocomm media is fast-evolving, with hot topics in AI, Immersive Media, Big Data, and Cybersecurity, while the rise of digital platforms and on-demand content have also changed the way audiences view and consume media. To seize the opportunities in the digital economy, the growth of the infocomm media (ICM) industry is key. Taking on the mission of driving Singapore’s digital transformation with infocomm media, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) aims to develop an exceptional ICM ecosystem – by developing talent, strengthening business capabilities, and enhancing Singapore’s ICM infrastructure.

To achieve this, growing a pipeline of new ICM talent for the industry that will pave new roads and power Singapore’s push to become a leading digital economy is key. The Singapore Digital (SG:D) Scholarship is an industry scholarship that aims to provide driven individuals to chart their own career path in an ICM job role. Sharing with us their scholarship journey so far are 23-year-old Anita Chia and 22-year-old Mildred Ang, two undergraduates who look forward to pursuing different aspects of ICM.

Mildred Ang

Photo contributed by Mildred

Mildred Ang
Singapore Digital (SG:D) Scholarship
Bachelor of Arts (Film and TV Studies, Writing)
– University of Queensland

What attracted you to the Singapore Digital Scholarship?

Anita: The freedom of serving my bond in any ICM-related job in any company, with consensus by IMDA, was the biggest factor for me. When I was applying for the scholarship, I was unsure of the area of ICM that I wish to focus on. This freedom allows me to explore the different areas in technology and pursue a career that I’m truly passionate about.

Mildred: I was looking for scholarship opportunities in media and communications and came across the Singapore Digital Scholarship. It offered a variety of different opportunities into the media industry, which was where I had my eyes set on and it pretty much fits the bill in terms of what I envisioned myself doing in the future.

How has the scholarship helped you develop so far?

Anita: Thanks to the scholarship, I’ve travelled to several countries for study missions or exchange. These experiences have shaped my perspective and interest in ICM, and have helped me to develop holistically, both as a tech professional and as a person.

The SG:D Scholarship also offers a wide array of sharing and networking sessions with influential tech companies and professionals in Singapore. I’m able to keep up to date with emerging technologies and learn about the different opportunities through such programmes.

Mildred: During my university breaks, I was given the chance to intern at Mediacorp. The time spent there was meaningful and fruitful, as it helped me get acquainted with the flow of things, and how different people came together to produce the end result – a TV show. As a scholar, I’m invited to various networking events organised by IMDA, where workshops are held about the latest technological advances and more. It’s a chance to keep abreast of the everdeveloping industry.

“Thanks to the scholarship... These experiences have helped me to develop holistically, both as a tech professional and as a person.” Anita

Share some of the memorable takeaways you’ve had from your exposure overseas.

Anita: One of my most memorable overseas experiences was the Smart-Nation Business Study Mission to Germany. We visited several accelerators with a focus on social impact. I was able to see first-hand the innovation these start-ups have and understand their motivation behind their projects. My favourite concept was the wireless charging capability for electric cars.

Mildred: Studying overseas has definitely expanded my horizons, especially learning about film and TV in both Australian and global contexts. It is a chance to closely study and examine another country’s take on the media industry. I chose to study at the University of Queensland, which allows me to explore the theoretical side of film; why a particular film might work or why it elicits a certain response from the audience. Armed with this knowledge, I hope that I’ll bring different perspectives to the table in the future.

Anita Chia

Photo contributed by Anita

Anita Chia
Singapore Digital (SG:D) Scholarship
Fast Track Bachelor’s-Master’s in Information Systems
– Singapore Management University-Carnegie Mellon University

What is it about ICM that intrigues you?

Anita: The beauty of ICM is how it has become so relevant in different industries. It is an ever-changing entity, meaning that there is always something new to learn. The skills and knowledge you have can be adapted and applied to various industries. I’m most interested in Data Science in the Finance industry. Being Asia’s financial hub, Singapore is bustling with bulge banks and finance professionals. I hope to use analytical technologies to help companies make more efficient decisions.

Mildred: I have always been passionate about writing for TV and film; there is something fascinating in watching your words come to life. Stories can be used for so many things – to entertain and spread awareness, and I’m very honoured to be part of this process. I am most interested in the pre-production writing for TV and film, working in teams and coming up with stories to be translated onto screen.

“Stories can be used for so many things – to entertain and spread awareness” Mildred

What qualities do you feel are important to pursue a career in the ICM industry?

Anita: You should be driven and have the curiosity for self-directed learning. ICM is constantly advancing and new technologies are popping up all over the world. Just because a certain technology is relevant today, doesn’t mean it will still be next year. Be willing to grow and adapt to this changing environment.

Mildred: Having a curious and hungry mind helps. It’s useful to stay open-minded to the other aspects in the ICM industry – it is, after all, very big and diverse. Since there are many options to choose from in order to pursue a career in the Infocomm and Media fields, having a passion for the direction you have chosen is very important, and you should expect to work hard and smart.

The Singapore Digital (SG:D) Scholarship empowers you to chart your own career path in an infocomm media (ICM) job role in any organisation and any industry. It supports a range of infocomm media related areas of study such as digital and interactive media; film and TV; games development; cybersecurity; Science, Technology, Engineering and Math courses (STEM); as well as language studies in Malay, Tamil, and Chinese. The previous industry scholarships offered by IMDA, i.e. Infocomm Polytechnic Scholarship, National Infocomm Scholarship, Media Education Scholarship, and the National Postgraduate Cybersecurity Scholarship have been subsumed under the SG:D Scholarship. For more information, visit