Energy Market Authority of Singapore
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Powering Dreams

Seeking innovative ways to keep the nation going while ensuring the solutions implemented are robust enough to stand the test of time – all in a day’s work for the Energy Market Authority (EMA), who keeps our lights on and the gas flowing.
Energy Market Authority of Singapore

To keep an entire nation powered up, the Energy Market Authority (EMA) plays a critical role in ensuring a reliable and secure energy supply for Singapore and promoting effective competition in the energy market. EMA also strives to develop a dynamic energy sector in Singapore and to ultimately forge a progressive energy landscape for sustained growth for the nation.

Lending their passion and vigour to the energy sector in Singapore, talented individuals like 24-year-old Amelia Tan Gek Fern and 21-year-old Ooi Ren Yi ensure that Singapore truly lives up to its reputation as the city that never sleeps.

What motivated you to apply for the EMA scholarship?

Ren Yi: I believe that the energy sector is very critical in Singapore. Energy is an indispensable part of any country, be it in households, transport systems or industries. Singapore’s energy story is very much tied to our history. It also remains pertinent today, with our increasing energy demand and evolving trends such as digitalisation. I am looking forward to the opportunity to shape the future energy landscape.

Amelia: EMA’s vision of ‘Smart Energy, Sustainable Future’ has always resonated with a personal belief of mine. We must safeguard the energy supply for generations to come. Anything related to the energy industry has to be rooted in solutions that are robust and practical. Applying for the EMA scholarship would give me the opportunity for a meaningful career in the long run.

Ooi Ren Yi

Ooi Ren Yi 
EMA Overseas Undergraduate Scholar
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Ren Yi, what are the opportunities you look forward to getting with EMA’s scholarship?

Ren Yi: I would like to gain technical engineering experience and get a good grounding as an engineer. I hope to be able to apply some of these ground experiences in other areas subsequently, for instance, policy-making. Even though EMA is a small organisation, there are very diverse roles and rotation opportunities for me to gain a more holistic picture of what EMA does.

Amelia, what are some of the development opportunities you’ve enjoyed during your scholarship?

Amelia: I had the chance to study in the US to get my degree in mechanical engineering. EMA was very supportive and encouraged me to pursue what I wanted. It gave me the opportunity to study what other countries were doing so that I could gain a broad and comprehensive look into what works, and understand that what worked in another country might not work for us.

I also had the chance to pursue undergraduate research in lithium ion batteries. A lot of what we do is energy-related, and it was very useful to learn how making batteries and other similar things could potentially be a viable solution for Singapore.

Amelia Tan Gek Fern

Amelia Tan Gek Fern 
EMA Overseas Undergraduate Scholar

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Highest Honours – Georgia Institute of Technology

Tell us more about your current roles and responsibilities.

Amelia: I’m currently posted to the Gas System Supervision Department. We oversee and monitor the real time operations of Singapore’s entire power system. Part of what we do on a day-to-day basis involves analysing, reviewing, and identifying potential vulnerabilities in the power system. We also have to decide what we’re going to do about these vulnerabilities to ensure that our current procedures remain swift and effective in the event of a contingency or emergency. I enjoy the dynamic nature of the job; you’re never bored at work and I’m learning something new every day. On top of that, it just drives home that what we’re doing is so much more important than ourselves.

How does EMA give you opportunities to develop your career further?

Amelia: I’ve had mentors and supervisors who have been very nurturing and kind ever since I started. The team is made up of experienced engineers and they have been welcoming and supportive despite our age differences. I have had the opportunity to go to the power plants and see how they operate. This experience has been wildly unpredictable and challenging, but it’s also very rewarding. This is an insight that is otherwise inaccessible to me.

“Be bold in chasing the next heist, be brave when taking on new adventures, and stay focused when toughing out the lows.” Amelia

Do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring engineers who want to pursue a career and scholarship with EMA?

Amelia: My time at EMA has been fulfilling and rewarding so far; it’s nothing I would ever have imagined professional life would have been – which is a good thing. I’m still very new, I don’t have all the answers, but I think what’s important is: be bold in chasing the next heist, be brave when taking on new adventures, and stay focused when toughing out the lows. Above all, it’s important to try to find or derive some meaning in the things you do. You’ll be surprised by how far a career could take you, and more importantly, how happy it can actually make you.