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Chai Chun Err 
Deputy Manager,
Safety Policy and Planning (SPP) and Futures and Information Technology (FIT)
Master of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering, Product Design)
– University of California, Berkeley

Chai Chun Err was a recipient of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) Undergraduate Scholarship. He is a Deputy Manager holding portfolios in both the Safety Policy and Planning (SPP) and Futures and Information Technology (FIT) divisions. Chun Err looks into data analysis, digitalisation, and strategy and planning in the former, and digital transformation in the latter.

CAAS provides its employees with an array of opportunities to learn about various aspects of aviation ranging from aviation safety and air navigation services to aviation development. A testament to CAAS’ focus on staff development, Chun Err is currently in his second posting.

Chai Chun Err
Chun Err was posted to the Air Navigation Services Policy (ANSP) division when he first joined CAAS after his graduation two years ago. He was responsible for the development and review of international air navigation services policy (in line with international standards and practices), to support safe, efficient and sustainable air navigation services provision in the Singapore Flight Information Region. In his time in ANSP, he worked closely with industry partners, other government agencies, and organisations.

Presently, as a member of a dynamic and multi-disciplinary team in SPP, Chun Err plays a role in developing and driving safetyrelated digital transformation efforts. The aim is to enhance the quality and range of safety data collected by CAAS and build up safety data analysis capabilities. These in turn support data-driven decision-making for safety policies and initiatives rolled out by CAAS.

Chai Chun Err
CAAS’ officers are frequently involved in projects focusing on raising aviation safety standards and mitigating identified risks. Chun Err leads a joint research project, working with The MITRE Corporation to identify, quantify and mitigate approach and landing risks. In partnership with Singapore Airlines, SilkAir, Scoot-Tigerair, and Jetstar Asia Airways, the project generates insights, as part of the causal and mitigation analysis, with fused data tapped from various sources.

Chai Chun Err
With rapid technological advances in areas such as artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and machine learning, Chun Err’s work in FIT looks at leveraging on technology and data to increase ops-tech integration. This enhances resilience, safety, and efficiency of operations, systems, and services, tying in with the digital transformation effort taking place across the public service.

Thus far, Chun Err have been presented with numerous opportunities to hone his craft and work with a diverse group of stakeholders in strategising and executing plans. Reflecting on his CAAS journey, Chun Err feels that his experience with CAAS has been fulfilling, enriching, and dynamic.