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Editor's Note

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

Photo credit: jcomp - Freepik

I recently read a WSJ article about how entry-level jobs aren’t so entry level any more. Yes, thanks to automation, technology, and outsourcing, the jobs of today operate at a far higher level than those experienced by graduates before you. Rote tasks have officially, and efficiently, been taken over by machines. Gone are the days when fresh graduates have the luxury of time and space to learn the ropes. Get ready to dive into the deep end… yesterday.

Today’s organisations are constantly on the lookout for adaptable, smart, and fast learners with a spirit of tenacity and passion. As aspiring scholars with big dreams for your future, what can you bring to the corporate table? Having grown up being exposed to an unprecedented amount of technology, the post-millennial Gen Z (yes, that’s you!) is plastered with a host of stereotypical labels: “Tech-dependant”, “Self-entitled”, “Antisocial dreamers”. On the flip side of the coin, Gen Z can also be technologically proficient, accepting of new ideas, resourceful, and well prepared for today’s global business environment.

A wise man once said, “The only place Success comes before Work is in the dictionary.” At the end of the day, whether you’re a snowflake, strawberry or what-have-you of the generation, the timeless virtues of a successful worker remain: Hard work, integrity, accountability, and a positive attitude.

As you flip through BrightSparks’ featured articles, you will come across plenty of advice from well-meaning scholars who have trod the path to success. As one who has laboured in the working world for more than a decade myself, my advice to you is to be brave, be savvy, and be persevering. Dip your toes into the unknown and keep your eyes on the prize. The world may be a harsh place for a newbie starting out in the workforce, but if you wake up early to smell the coffee, you may find some time to savour the fresh brew.

Joann Chia

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