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Soaring High with SUSS

Deborah Sim is on the fast track to success, having gained a wealth of experience and opportunities through the SUSS Scholarship.

Recently awarded the SUSS Scholarship 2022, Deborah Sim is a full-time undergraduate pursuing the Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing with Minor in Communication.

Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) believes that in an ever-changing world, everyone deserves access to an education that allows them to chart new paths and build a better future.

One individual who is optimistic about her future is Deborah Sim who was awarded the prestigious SUSS Scholarship. The marketing degree undergraduate embodies the SUSS spirit as a well-rounded student who is keen on making a positive impact on society. She has benefited from a holistic education which has enriched her student experience.

Her trajectory demonstrates how much one can grow with SUSS, both personally and professionally.

Making The Right Choice

When it came to choosing a university, SUSS stood out to Deborah right from the start. As she hoped to pursue a specialisation in a niche market, she knew she needed to zero in on specific skill sets and focus on developing industry-and subject-specific knowledge through real-world projects. She decided to pursue the Bachelor of Science in Marketing programme with a Minor in Communication at SUSS as she believed that it would give her a strong foundation in the discipline.

“The Bachelor of Science in Marketing programme builds students’ foundation in the marketing function using real-life contexts. The specialisation delves deeply into the subject, covering niche topics from Consumer Behaviour to Sustainability Marketing and Multivariate Analysis,” she said.

“I also appreciate the breadth and rigour of the programme. Apart from compulsory modules, we could pick amongst the array of electives and minors that align with our secondary interests. This benefits us to learn and gain knowledge beyond our major.”

Deborah highlighted how the flexible and modular nature of programmes in SUSS put students in charge of their own learning. “I am able to choose the timing, day and mode of classes that best suit my learning needs. The ability to select online classes has enabled me to better focus in a conducive environment. Time taken for commuting can now be productively utilised for lesson preparations and studying. Moreover, I have more freedom to plan my schedule to incorporate part-time internships and volunteering opportunities to maximise my university experience,” she added.

She was also able to enjoy greater flexibility through the SUSS Scholarship as it created more opportunities for her to learn, discover and contribute.

“I can fully enjoy a holistic university experience by focusing on academic achievement, volunteering, and internships. My time is more meaningfully spent on enhancing my growth and value-adding to my degree.” Deborah Sim

“Having attained a scholarship, I no longer fret over financial concerns,” shared Deborah. “I can fully enjoy a holistic university experience by focusing on academic achievement, volunteering and internships. My time is more meaningfully spent on enhancing my growth and value-adding to my degree.”

Deborah Sim

Deborah Sim

Growing Holistically with SUSS

And value-add she did. Since joining the university, Deborah has accumulated a truly impressive list of achievements. These include making the SUSS Academic Achievers list, winning the 2022 Marketing Research Challenge, volunteering stint with Care Community Services Society (CCSS) and scoring an internship with multinational advertising and public relations giant Havas.

Deborah is thankful for the many experiences that have shaped her as an individual. One of her many memorable experiences is leading her team to victory at the 2022 Marketing Research Challenge which required teams to research consumer behaviour towards plant-based food in Singapore and align effective go-to-market strategies for The Green Butchery. Her team’s novel and ingenious recommendations caught the eye of Allan Yip, the co-founder of The Green Butchery, and ultimately secured them the first prize.

Deborah also relished the opportunity to contribute to a meaningful cause as a Graphic Design Volunteer with CCSS. “I assisted in the curation of CCSS’ publicity materials for their events and campaigns such as Walk to Empower 2021 and Kampung Step Up 2022. The experience was nothing short of meaningful as I was challenged to translate the community voice into artwork,” she recounted.

In addition, her internship with Havas has equipped her with a wealth of interpersonal skills through her role as a Junior Account Executive handling key accounts such as Warner Bros Singapore and Canon PIXMA.

“I learned to be more confident and approachable, lead meaningful conversations proactively and engage in active listening to build trust and rapport. These skills are of paramount importance to forging good relationships in both personal and professional settings,” said Deborah.

Not one to rest on her laurels, she is currently interning with Accenture, a leading global professional services company. In her role as a Technology Innovation Intern, she spearheads the Accenture Innovation Hub’s marketing efforts to forge stakeholder connections and inspire clients with the latest technology demonstrations on topics that apply to their specific business needs. Beyond that, she also conducts technology research on topics such as the future of sustainability, mobility, web, and others to further the development of demonstration assets.

More Enriching Experiences Ahead

Deborah’s time at SUSS has seen her flourish and she is already looking forward to more enriching experiences. She reflected, “SUSS has groomed me holistically beyond mere academics. I’ve gained valuable social and working experiences from my volunteering stints and multiple internships. Now, I am most excited about my upcoming overseas study programme with Audencia Business School as part of SUSS’ Overseas Winter School 2023!”

She advised those wishing to apply for the SUSS Scholarship to capitalise on their unique traits and be their authentic selves. “Be yourself. There is no one like you, so own it! Rather than forcing yourself to fit into the best qualities of a model student, be confident in reflecting your personality and your utmost sincerity in attaining the scholarship. When you appear genuine and personable, you can let your qualities shine through,” she said.