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Safeguarding the Nation with Pride

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Fong Shi Yi is proud to uphold truth and justice in her role with the Singapore Police Force.

Assistant Superintendent of Police Fong Shi Yi is an Investigation Officer with the Property & Violent Offences Squad in Woodlands Division of the SPF. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry, a Bachelor of Arts in Biology (Neuroscience Concentration) and a Master of Science in Chemistry, attained at the University of Pennsylvania under the Singapore Government Scholarship.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Singapore Police Force (SPF), Singapore is proud to boast one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

However, when crime does occur, the SPF ensures that a proper investigation is carried out to seek justice for the innocent and bring offenders to justice. This process can be likened to puzzle-solving, with no two cases alike. It requires quick thinking, a flexible mindset and people skills to build trust between SPF officers and stakeholders.

This is where Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Fong Shi Yi found her calling. She helps provide resolution for all parties in her role as an Investigation Officer (IO) with the Property & Violent Offences Squad at Woodlands Division. Shi Yi sees each case as a new opportunity to foster a positive perception of the SPF, while growing both personally and professionally.

In serving the people and community, Shi Yi has found her place to make a difference.

ASP Fong Shi Yi

ASP Fong Shi Yi

Serving With a Sense of Pride

“I never bought in to the romanticised image of investigations as portrayed on television. Investigation is gritty and tough work,” Shi Yi shared.

Her words come from a place of experience, as her role involves ascertaining the facts when crimes are committed. In her current post, Shi Yi focuses on investigating serious property and violent offences such as robbery, housebreaking and rioting, in addition to prosecuting those who have committed these offences.

“The heightened seriousness of the cases that my team deals with means there is more ground to cover for each case. The team must coordinate efforts to chase down all leads, such as interviewing the parties involved, ploughing through CCTV footage and planning and executing operations to arrest perpetrators,” she said.

This exciting and dynamic job scope, combined with the knowledge that she is helping to safeguard our community, keeps Shi Yi galvanised and enthused on the job.

She brings a “human touch” to the processes of the law. “Investigation does not stop at collecting and presenting evidence. The toughest yet rewarding part of the job is getting to understand people and showing empathy when communicating with victims and stakeholders as we work towards resolving cases,” Shi Yi said.

However difficult the days may be, inspired by a sense of achievement and pride, Shi Yi is proud to keep going. “It takes blood, sweat, tears and lost sleep to solve such cases, but the satisfaction after cracking any case is incredible,” she shared.

“Look forward to working with a passionate team of officers in the SPF.” ASP Fong Shi Yi

Gaining Overseas Exposure

Shi Yi is a recipient of the Singapore Government Scholarship. This is a pre-university scholarship for students interested in a career with the SPF, and awardees can choose to study in overseas or local universities.

Thanks to the award, Shi Yi was able to pursue her interest in Biochemistry at the University of Pennsylvania, and also obtained a master’s degree. She shared, “Studying overseas is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I am very grateful to have received the scholarship.”

One benefit of the Singapore Government Scholarship is the breadth of learning it offers. “I was fully supported to pursue my academic interests, and the University of Pennsylvania has terrific research institutions and academic resources that I could tap into. Apart from classes offered to my major, I also took a variety of very interesting humanities classes such as a study of the Talmud and an extensive history class on the Crusades!”

Shi Yi was also able to delve more deeply into her chosen profession. “The SPF arranged for various attachment programmes and internship opportunities over my summer holidays. These allowed me to better understand the work I will take on after my college days,” she said.

ASP Fong Shi Yi

A Bright Future

Currently, Shi Yi is looking forward to honing her skills in investigations. She hopes to slowly transit to more policy-driving roles in the future, to enact policies that can improve investigative processes for both members of the public and IOs.

For those who are keen to explore opportunities with SPF, Shi Yi has these words of advice: “Look forward to working with a passionate team of officers in the SPF. The job is often physically, mentally and emotionally demanding. Yet, we thrive on the unparalleled camaraderie between officers as we work towards a common goal of safeguarding our nation. If you are keen to serve the community, come join us!”