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A Development Journey with JTC

JTC is dedicated to building not just strong infrastructures but establishing a strong industry. It is also committed to developing talents like Mid-Term Scholar Yeo Yuan Xuan who can make a positive impact by driving development plans that are aligned with its goals.

JTC Mid-Term Scholar Yeo Yuan Xuan has a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering) from NTU. He is currently a Project Manager in the New Estate Division at Jurong Innovation District (JID).

Master planner and developer JTC knows that good infrastructure is only the beginning. It plays a key role in conceptualising, planning and realising smart and sustainable industrial spaces.

Even as it implements cutting-edge solutions in infrastructure development, JTC never forgets the people that make these solutions possible. JTC Mid-Term Scholar Yeo Yuan Xuan is a prime example of JTC’s dedication to developing individuals to succeed.

As a Project Manager in the New Estates Division, Yuan Xuan plays a vital role in shaping and realising the vision of Jurong Innovation District, an advanced manufacturing hub designed to help Singapore seize growth opportunities in the era of Industry 4.0. The 600-hectare district will house the Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Centre in Singapore and state-of-the-art facilities by renowned companies such as Shimano and SATS Food Hub. JID also aims to nurture an ecosystem which unites businesses and the community to inspire innovation.

Impacting Lives Through Engineering

Civil engineering has strong ties to the built environment and can be found in every aspect of our daily lives from the houses we live in, amenities we enjoy, to the utility infrastructure that support our daily needs. The work has a direct impact on improving people’s lives, which is what attracted Yuan Xuan to this particular type of engineering.

“It is regarded as one of the oldest forms of engineering and will continue to influence how we live our lives,” Yuan Xuan said. “There is a clear meaning to the work we do in the built industry as it directly enables the functions of our daily needs. Being able to apply my interests in a meaningful way forged the path ahead for me to pursue.”

Yeo Yuan Xuan

Yeo Yuan Xuan

A Strong Foundation

Yuan Xuan first interned at JTC in 2017. JTC recognised the fit between its mission and his passion and awarded him the JTC Scholarship at the mid-year mark.

He spent a fulfilling four years in NTU laying the foundations for his future career. “My time at NTU gave me the relevant skill sets and knowledge I needed when I graduated. The education provided seamless transition from school to work as domain knowledge in the built industry taught was found to be directly applicable into the job.”

As a scholar, he also enjoyed other opportunities to broaden his horizons, such as an overseas summer exchange at Seoul’s Hanyang University.

In particular, Yuan Xuan underlined how the programme nurtured an “analytical mindset” in him. He found this especially relevant to his work. “As no one problem is the same, the ability to break down problem structures and to work with the identified constraints allowed me to effectively communicate and propose viable solutions in the workplace.”

“If you thrive in a dynamic working environment and take pride in conceptualising ideas that shape how we work, live, play and learn, JTC is the right place to kickstart your career.” Yeo Yuan Xuan

Driving Innovation in A Multi-Faceted Environment

Yuan Xuan gets to interact with multiple stakeholders such as business clusters, consultants and contractors in his line of work at the New Estates Division. The goal? To manifest best outcomes for the district.

“My work ranges from project managing the construction of an infrastructure project in CleanTech Park, to reviewing and refining the conceptual designs of Bahar – a future precinct in JID. I also try to stay abreast of industry trends so that the ideas that I bring to the table will allow JID to remain competitive,” he said.

Yuan Xuan still clearly recalls his very first task with JTC, where he was entrusted with adopting Integrated Digital Delivery — it is the use of digital technologies to bring together work processes and connect stakeholders — throughout the construction lifecycle for Bulim Square.

He recalled: “We set our sights on extending the capabilities of the Common Data Environment (CDE), a digital platform that serves as a governance and repository tool for the project. The objective was to digitalise field operations such as materials tracking, work inspections, and quality reviews using the CDE.”

“With the structured workflows established in Bulim Square, it facilitated the effective deployment of IDD in future JID projects. They could directly adopt the workflows with minimal tweaks according to specific project requirements. I also benefitted from the structured workflows when I started to project manage an infrastructure project in CleanTech Park.”

Yuan Xuan smiled at the memory. He added: “The opportunity to develop a piece of work and see it come to life was what made it especially significant.”

Growing With JTC

This is what makes work at JTC special. It plays a strategic role in developing Singapore’s economic growth and being in such an organisation allows meaningful work and the capacity to effect changes at the national level.

Another draw for Yuan Xuan is the open and empowering work culture. “We are assigned to projects based on our experiences and capabilities. In addition, I can tap the professional guidance and expertise of colleagues to review and strengthen an approach to a task. JTC offers an environment that allows one to grow, take ownership, and contribute from the get-go.”

For those keen to help Singapore write the upcoming chapters of its industrial future, Yuan Xuan has this advice to share: “If you thrive in a dynamic working environment and take pride in conceptualising ideas that shape how we work, live, play and learn, JTC is the right place to kickstart your career. The rigorous work setting will be rewarding, and the empowerment given will accelerate your professional growth.”