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A New Age Of
Digital Innovation

As a market leader in Asia’s communications industry, the Singtel Group is constantly evolving and changing the ways we communicate with each other. Singtel Undergraduate Scholar Jessica Chow tells us more about this dynamic organisation.

Singtel prides itself on being a dynamic organisation that continually seeks new ways to innovate. As Asia’s leading communications group, it knows that it cannot afford to be complacent in today’s rapidly-evolving society. Constantly searching for new ways for people and businesses to communicate, Singtel continues to shape and drive the information age.

Beyond delivering reliable mobile and data connectivity, Singtel has made signifi cant changes to the way it engages customers. It now has three main global business units structured along customer segments – Consumer, Group Enterprise, and Group Digital L!fe. This allows Singtel to have a more focused approach while delivering next-generation digital, multimedia, and ICT solutions to customers.

Singtel attracts and nurtures talent through a multitude of programmes such as the SHINE Internship, the Management Associate Programme (MAP), and the Singtel Undergraduate Scholarship (UGS). Through such programmes, Singtel grooms its employees to become future movers and shakers in the telecommunications industry.

Jessica Chow Ka-Yan, a recent graduate of Singapore Management University (SMU) with a Bachelor of Business Management, is one of the lucky few to have received the prestigious Singtel UGS. We talk to her and fi nd out more about her journey with Singtel.

An illustrious organisation

When it came to choosing a scholarship, Jessica knew exactly what she wanted – one from a dynamic organisation that would allow her to reach her full potential. A few scholarships caught her eye while browsing through the BrightSparks portal, but she was ultimately drawn to all the possibilities that Singtel offers.

Jessica Chow Ka-Yan
Singtel Undergraduate Scholar

Studied: Bachelor of Business Management,
Singapore Management University

“The diversity of the organisation played a huge role in helping me come to a decision. Singtel provides a wide range of services including mobile, data, internet, television and infocomms technology, as well as digital solutions. I knew that if I were to join Singtel, I would be able to learn a lot from my exposure to the various aspects of Singtel's operations,” Jessica recounts.

The progressive nature of the organisation was another facet she was attracted to. She shares, “Although it is a leading communications provider, Singtel is always trying to better itself. I like how forward-thinking and innovative it is. Being part of a company like this will only reflect well on all its employees.”

Exploring interests

Jessica tells us that the best thing about Singtel UGS is that scholars are given the freedom to explore their interests. She shares, “Initially, I wanted to work in the finance industry but I was also keen to explore other aspects of the business world so I chose to pursue a general business degree in the end. In Business Management, I had the opportunity to study a variety of subjects – management, business law, finance, and most notably digital marketing.”

During her undergraduate studies, Singtel provided Jessica with the financial support to participate in an overseas exchange programme in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She enthuses, “While I was there, I took a module on digital marketing, 'Communications in the Digital Era'. It was then that I realised my passion did not necessarily lie in finance, and digital marketing was something I was more interested in. I’m glad Singtel UGS gave me the freedom to explore my interests.”

To Jessica's delight, she discovered that there was indeed an opportunity to apply for a digital marketing internship position at Singtel. She found this out during a Singtel networking session. She explains, “I had the opportunity to meet many senior management members at the networking session. I got to speak to the head of Sales and managed to learn more about the digital marketing unit.”

"Although it is a leading communications provider, Singtel is always trying to better itself. I like how forward-thinking and innovative it is."

Her internship at Singtel Digital Sales intensifi ed her passion for digital marketing and allowed her to gain essential insights into her future at Singtel. She shares, “I was primarily trained in Finance so my internship was a huge learning opportunity. I remember being clueless about many industry-specific terms and acronyms. I am so grateful that my colleagues were all very helpful and patient – they even went out of their way to teach me the basics of digital marketing. I had such a fulfilling internship experience, thanks to them.”

Collecting varied experiences

With her academic qualifications and a positive attitude, Jessica is primed for an exciting career with Singtel. She will be offered the opportunity to serve three cycles under different departments and gain an in-depth understanding of their various functions. She has, naturally, chosen the digital sales department for her first cycle, a decision made after the digital marketing module she took in Hong Kong and her incredible experience with the digital marketing team during her Singtel internship.

When asked to offer a word of advice for future scholars, Jessica is quick to emphasise the importance of adopting an open mind. She says, You must always be hungry to learn. It is important to be confident in your abilities, but you should never be arrogant. Be humble and know your limitations – only then will you truly grow as a person.”