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Gaining a Grasp Of
The Business Landscape

SAA Global Education (SAA-GE) boasts a 30-year record as a leading accountancy education provider. It is a prime choice for aspiring businesspeople and has a track record of developing talented individuals to take up accountancy at an international level.

SAA-GE is committed to produce talents for the international business landscape, and offers full-time and part-time courses in Accounting, Business, Banking, Finance, Economics and Law. Its students benefit from internationally-acclaimed tertiary education courses such as the University of London (UOL) International Programmes and the Plymouth University Bachelor Degree programmes.

SAA-GE undergraduate Winson Yeung is currently studying the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Banking and Finance under UOL’s International Programmes. His interest in finance began back in primary school when he read 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad', a book by American businessman, author and investor Robert Kiyosaki.

Winson explains, “It taught me that in order to achieve financial wealth, one must first start by receiving a financial education. I recognised this importance and chose a degree most relevant to the finance field, which is banking,” Winson muses, adding that he chose SAA-GE largely due to its recognition as a Registered Centre for UOL International Programmes.

An SAA-GE education

Winson’s Banking and Finance degree has been developed by world-leading experts in economics and under the academic direction of the London School of Economics and Political Science. It gives students like Winson a thorough understanding of financial areas such as accountancy, consulting, commercial and investment banking, sales and risk management, and banking.

According to Winson, the benefits associated with an SAA-GE education include a low lecturer-to-student ratio, where students are afforded more personal interaction with their lecturers and peers. He shares, “This enables us to ask questions and derive information much quicker and more easily. It also makes sleeping in class virtually impossible!” Winson jokes.

Winson Yeung Ho Ming

Studying: Bachelor of Science (Honours)
in Banking and Finance,
University of London International Programmes

"I appreciate that my future company wishes to groom me and give me training opportunities to hone my skills. As a fresh graduate, this opportunity certainly trumps a high starting salary."

Winson also appreciates the real-life case studies his lecturers generously share during lessons, which are of great help when examinations loom and study periods become stressful. Winson also tells us that many of the modules he took were taught by lecturers who have worked in the banking industry and were able to bring a wealth of industry experience to the table.

He adds, “My friends and I prepare for our examinations by reviewing and tackling previous years' examination papers. We also borrow study materials, which our lecturers take effort to scout out and recommend, from our campus library. Personally, I like to focus extensively on the lecture notes and UOL study guides, which are provided to us in class and which I feel are very well-planned and comprehensive.”

A business mindset

Winson understands that in today’s economic landscape, it is important to be well-versed in financial knowledge in order to better manage resources and make effective business decisions. With a keen awareness of the business world, Winson hopes to contribute his abundant knowledge in the marketing sector. In fact, he has already clinched a job in a marketing firm – the result of his regular engagement on social media with individuals in the industry.

He tells us, “I appreciate that my future company wishes to groom me and give me training opportunities to hone my skills. As a fresh graduate, this opportunity certainly trumps a high starting salary.”

Winson looks forward to joining the company after he graduates in 2015. Possessing a goal-oriented and driven mindset, Winson is certainly testament to SAA-GE’s commitment to help students reach their full potential and become leaders of tomorrow – as evidenced by its slogan 'Potential Unlocked, Leaders Tomorrow', on which SAAGE prides itself.

A memorable educational journey

Outside of the classroom, Winson’s three years in SAA-GE have been filled with events that will remain etched in his memory. He has formed lasting relationships with his classmates, especially those whom he met in his first year, and together they partake in scrumptious steamboat meals and gatherings, or simply hang out together to take a break from the stress of campus life.

This is made easier given the close proximity of the campus to retail malls and food outlets – another SAA-GE perk that Winson enthuses over. He tells us that the campus is also well-connected via public transport routes and easily accessible to students like Winson, who lives in the east.

“I’m glad that it only takes me half an hour to get to school. The tremendous amount of time saved from travelling helps me dedicate my time to fulfil other tasks and priorities. I feel that this factor is extremely important for us busy students to excel in our studies at SAA-GE,” Winson rounds up cheerfully.