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ST Engineering is one of Asia’s largest defence and engineering groups, providing innovative solutions and services in the aerospace, electronics, land systems, and marine sectors.

One would be hard-pressed to find a name that is more established than ST Engineering in Singapore’s engineering sector. Formed in 1997, ST Engineering has grown to become one of the largest companies listed on the Singapore Exchange today.

Despite being a primarily Singaporean organisation, ST Engineering’s field of influence extends across the oceans. Serving customers worldwide with over 100 subsidiaries and associated companies in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australasia, ST Engineering is truly a global organisation.

For exceptional individuals who have a passion for engineering, a scholarship with ST Engineering might just be the right choice for you. Aspiring engineering scholars looking to join the organisation are spoilt for choice, with future career paths set on the aerospace, electronics, land systems and marine sectors. There is something for you as long as you are interested in the world of engineering.

We talk to Low Jin Yi (an ST Engineering Scholar) and Wong Wen Hao (an ST Aerospace Local Scholar) to find out more about how their respective scholarships have enriched their lives.

A Dynamic Organisation

The chance to work in an illustrious organisation like ST Engineering is not something to make light of. A career in ST Engineering is a lifelong journey, through which one receives learning opportunities and achieves personal and professional growth.

Low Jin Yi
ST Engineering Scholar

Designation: Engineer, Mechanical Department,
Benoi Yard, ST Marine

Studied: Master of Mechanical Engineering (MEng),
Imperial College London

After discovering the ST Engineering Scholarship through the BrightSparks portal, Jin Yi immediately knew that it was what he wanted. He explains, “Beyond the monetary benefit, the scholarship offered an attractive career in the fi eld of mechanical engineering in both defence and commercial sectors. Furthermore, because ST Engineering is a large organisation, I knew I would have the ability to comfortably explore my career options.”

Wen Hao's story is not too different. With aerospace engineering as his career of choice, he had his eyes on the ST Aerospace Scholarship. He shares, “The concept of man taking flight has always fascinated me. When it came down to it, it was almost impossible to refuse a scholarship that allowed me to be part of one of biggest aerospace companies in Singapore. I was just excited at the prospect of being part of a dynamic company that covers all the areas of aviation – including maintenance, overhaul, design, and engineering.”

An Engineer’s Life

For those who have a hunger for engineering knowledge, ST Engineering offers no shortage of opportunities to learn and explore various engineering aspects.

Jin Yi, who is working under ST Marine as an engineer in the Mechanical Department of Benoi Yard, tells us more about his profession. He shares, “My current job scope includes managing a team of specialists to perform mechanical repairs for naval vessels. Every day, my team ensures that all the equipment and mechanical systems on board the vessels are adequately maintained. This task involves managing spare parts and engaging with qualified contractors to carry out necessary repairs. We also work closely with the ships' repair managers in order to meet the requirements of the ships' owners.”

Wong Wen Hao
ST Aerospace Local Scholar

Designation: Senior Engineer, ST Aerospace

Studied: Bachelor of Engineering in Aerospace
Engineering (First-Class Honours),
Nanyang Technological University

"Learn with intent and purpose. Invest in experiences that drive you out of your comfort zone. Make happiness a priority. Being a scholar isn’t just about knowledge and ability – it is also about knowing who you are. Only then will you know how you can truly contribute to the company."

As a Senior Engineer at ST Aerospace, Wen Hao enjoys the rigors and challenges of his work. He explains, “Being a flight test engineer is a challenging task. It includes the sizing up of test requirements, writing of test plans and procedures, and coordinating between pilots, regulatory bodies, customers and technical experts. It sounds very administrative, but the pre-flight preparation must be comprehensive to ensure a successful flight test. I have also been involved in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and commercial flight tests, which cover a range of tests including flying qualities, fire protection systems, verification of avionics, and performance testing. All this preparation is done to ensure that we are able to react to anomalies in a timely and effective manner. It’s a lot of tedious hard work, but the satisfaction that you derive from it is immense.”

Exciting Opportunities

The engineering sector continually provides new opportunities and offers massive space for one to reach his/her full potential. You can expect to undertake many new and exciting initiatives when you join ST Engineering, such as the ones that Jin Yi has been involved in. He recounts, “During one of my internships, I was attached to the Engineering Design Centre’s mechanical team for a ROPAX vessel. This was the first ever specialised vessel constructed outside a European shipyard. I even had the opportunity to witness the christening of an Anchor Handling Tug and Support (AHTS) vessel that was launched within ST Marine's yard premises. It was quite thrilling to get to experience these events, and I can’t wait to see what else I get to be a part of in my career with ST Engineering.”

Wen Hao looks forward to the future too, claiming, “Aviation tends to be at the forefront of technological developments. As one of the largest third-party maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) companies, ST Aerospace is in a great position to influence change in modern day aviation. Additionally, the UAV industry will continue to grow in terms of capabilities and endurance. I hope ST Aerospace is able to gain a larger market share in the UAV business, and develop exciting new products with its growth as a design house.”

As for the next generation of ST Engineering scholars, Jin Yi advises, “The best way one can prepare for the scholarship interview process is to be yourself and honest in your replies to questions posed – there are no right or wrong answers in an interview. Try to have a positive mindset in whatever you do, because that is what carries you through the tough times during your studies and working life.”

Wen Hao rounds off with advice of his own, saying, “Learn with intent and purpose. Invest in experiences that drive you out of your comfort zone. Make happiness a priority. Being a scholar isn’t just about knowledge and ability – it is also about knowing who you are. Only then will you know how you can truly contribute to the company.”